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Hidden And Dangerous 2 Game

Hidden And Dangerous 2 Game

Review: Hidden & Dangerous 2 Game tactical shooter of 2003 dedicated to the Second World War developed by Illusion Softworks and released by Gathering of Developers and Take-Two Interactive.  The game has elements of RPG which include the inventory window great location and relatively easy gameplay within a single mission and free style of passing.

Plot of Hidden And Dangerous 2 Game:

The player controlling a team of 4 soldiers (or one) of the British Special Air Service (SAS) during the Second World War must carry out a number of military operations in the location of the enemy.  The game takes place in different locations from Burma to Norway.

More From Hidden And Dangerous 2 Game:

The focus of the game is on the realistic gameplay and vital registration locations.  Weapons and vehicles worked out in detail.  The game is very realistic physics behavior of objects such as bullets can ricochet off the walls break through wooden doors and other obstacles as well implemented physics grenades.
Unlike its predecessor Hidden & Dangerous the main game (the original campaign) you can only walk in single player mode.  In addition it provided the opportunity to play on maps from Sabre Squadron in co-op mode.  However there is a collection of informal maps which includes all the cards from a single player as well as a variety of modified card.
Official additions
The first and the only addition to the Hidden & Dangerous 2 Sabre Squadron was released in October 2004.  From changes 9 new locations for a single game 9 new maps for multiplayer games new weapons and new multiplayer mode - co-op.
Hidden And Dangerous 2 Game

Hidden And Dangerous 2 Game

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