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Mount And Blade Warband Game

Mount And Blade Warband Game

Review: Mount And Blade Warband Game Warband Literally eng Horse riding and sword Militia 1 published in Russia as the Mount & Blade era of tournaments A computer game in the genre of role-playing game developed by Turkish company TaleWorlds.  «Mount & Blade The era of tournaments" is the addon (supplement) to Mount & Blade game which was released in autumn 2008 2.

Mount And Blade Warband Game Overview:

In the Russian localization of the game called «Mount & Blade.  Age of tournaments".  The official publisher of the game is to Paradox Interactive.  Localization and Publishing in Russia are engaged together Snowball Studios 1C and Soft Club. 2 The main difference between «Mount & Blade Warband» from the original is the presence of multi-user mode

Gameplay More From Mount And Blade Warband Game:

The game is a multiplayer stand-alone continuation of Mount & Blade role-playing game.  Like its ancestor Mount & Blade Warband is particularly combat system that allows players to ride and fight on horseback and a medieval atmosphere.  The action takes place in psevdosrednevekove but the fantasy elements are missing.
The new role-playing system allows the player to surround themselves with followers and become the ruler of your own kingdom and to grant land and take noble knights as their vassals.  The player now has the opportunity to marry a lady or lord (depending on the sex of your character).  To marry a woman you will need to win the heart of her poetry and courage ahead of the competition. 2
The game introduces a new combat system that incorporates a dynamic system parry and shield blocks.  Throwing weapons can be used in close combat as well as to pick up any used shells.  Some types of attacks machetes protect against enemy attacks the mirrorThe game adds a new faction - Sarranidsky Sultanate which became the collective image of the Arab countries.Sarranidsky Sultanate - a fraction of which is located at the far south of the fictional world Calradia in the desert.  Likely a prototype of historically - Mamluk Sultanate.Capital - Shariz.  Ruler - Sultan Hakim.Army Sarranidskogo Sultanate is very diverse heavy cavalry infantry with average Jarîda (throwing darts) and archers.on the throne of claims Arwa Pearl.  It was added to the Warband addition bordered by Kergitskim Khanate and the Kingdom rodoki.  Thieves Type desert (light cavalry).
Mount And Blade Warband Game

Mount And Blade Warband Game

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