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Quake 4 Game

Quake 4 Game

Review: Quake 4 Game multi-platform a science fiction computer game in the genre of first-person shooter developed by Raven Software with direct support of id Software and published by Activision in 2005.  In Russia the localized and published by 1C.

Quake 4 Game Overview:

The game begins after some time after the final Quake 2. Unnamed paratrooper a hero of the second part of the Quake series their actions created the conditions for a new landing operation on the planet Stroggos - the lair of the main villains of the game alien invaders terrorizing Earthlings.  landing scene obviously peeped in "Starship Troopers" marred by a rocket that shoots down the paratroopers but the main character - Corporal Kane as well as other fighters detachment "Rhino" - survive.

Quake 4 Game Story:

And like nothing heralds the return to the past * *.  Around full of life a medic assisting wounded soldiers talking to each other and selected to perform the next task in the face of medical reinforcements and engineer timely podlechivat Corporal and reduced armor.  Life revolves not around us but somewhere else and it seems that Kane - just a cog in a complex operation by cutting out the roots Strogg.  But then the worst happens.

More From Quake 4 Game:

Another boss does not die after a dozen rockets fired into his head Corporal catches and puts it on the conveyor belt for remaking people Strogg.  The situation is complicated by the fact that in front of us followed by the tape is the same "lucky" an example of which we can see what awaits us in the future Kane himself often does not stand on it made transactions and loses consciousness.  He saw off the legs make a hole in his chest and for an instant before he would have made a full-fledged member of society stroggskogo the hall burst faithful companions who ripped it from the clutches of an alien medicine.

Polustrogg Kane not only kept the human mind but also bought some properties Strogg increased health armor (hmm ...) and the speed of movement.  And he can read the labels and use stroggskie wall medical devices.  He returned to service?  Strogg you or Strogg and it is necessary to save the world especially because of its nature polustroggskaya is very useful in a number of operations in the enemy rear.
Quake 4 Game

Quake 4 Game

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