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The Mark Game

The Mark Game

Review: The Mark Game Cooperative game mode of computer games in which two players or more cooperate with each other jointly overcoming obstacles such as the battle against the controlled AI opponents.

The Mark Game Overview:

Co-op mode is opposed to competition (Eng. Competitive game) multiplayer mode or in the form of PvP deathmatch where players confront each other (in particular in teams) and do not play together.

History of The Mark Game:

Co-operative play in splitscreen mode (several people on the same machine) was popular in the first game consoles and personal computers.  The first game which was a co-op mode network was Doom.
Boom games through the Internet has led to the fact that developers have begun to abandon the cooperative game by offering different types of events (ranging from simple to complex deathmatch'a team games for example Team Fortress).  Currently the cooperative component of the game migrated to the online game MMORPG genre
The Mark Pc Game

The Mark Game

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