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Chaser Game

Chaser Game

Review: Chaser Game When representatives of the 34 largest companies from various industries created the Martian Consortium - Marscorp - no one could even imagine what kind of monster they produced.  Initially the main goal of the Consortium was declared the transformation of the Red Planet into blue.  But after appointing the ambitious industrial tycoon Samuel Longwood to the top managerial post the Consortium turned into a semi-mafia cartel.  With secret assistance from the omnipotent UN it became the main instrument for controlling Mars and its inhabitants.  The latter never liked the fact that their destinies were managed from distant New Yorkton (the slang name of the conglomerate of New York and Trenton) so at first they fully supported the Consortium's power.  Many were even convinced that Longwood would sooner or later lead the movement for the independence of the Red Planet ... For this naivete many paid with their own lives.

Chaser Game Overview:

The Martian police and secret agents of Longwood furiously persecuted all who dared to even just hint about Martian independence.  The movement which used to be numerous and influential turned into a small group of separatists led by former university professor Graham Castor.  Today this person is called just like Commander Castor.  For some he is a freedom fighter for others - a weed that should be pulled out with a root.  Castor wove a complex deeply conspiratorial network based on separate independent combat groups.  The whole organization therefore was almost immortal.  Returning to the old ways of communication the separatists kept their contacts secret.  Seeing that his people could not cope with the enemy Longwood opened his own terror.  Anyone who was suspected of collaborating with Castor was subjected to severe repression.  Hundreds of people disappeared without a trace.  Others were tried by the UN anti-terrorist tribunal and they were sentenced to many years in prison.  These measures unleashed the separatists hands.  Until then Castor opposed armed resistance to the Consortium ...

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The Secretary-General of the United Nations Webster Jones delegated to Mars the best UNAUDO (United Nations Intelligence Agency) officer Scott Stone to help the Consortium once and for all get rid of the threat.  Castor's organization entered into a fierce battle with Stone and his thugs ... One of the main resistance leaders was a man named John Chaser.
 Chaser Game

Chaser Game

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