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Red Faction Guerrilla Game

Red Faction Guerrilla Game

Review: Red Faction Guerrilla game is a computer game a third-person shooter developed by the American company Volition Inc.  And published by THQ.  "Red Faction Guerrilla" is a multiplatform game versions for gaming consoles Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3 came out in early June 2009 and the version for Microsoft Windows - in mid-September 2009.

Red Faction Guerrilla Game Overview:

The game is the third part of the Red Faction series of games and tells about the events that occur 50 years after the end of the first part.  The whole game takes place on Mars in 2120 2.  Game character and protagonist in the game is Alec Mason (English Alec Mason) mining engineer 3 who joined the partisans and is fighting against the invaders from the Earth Defense Force (Russian Forces of the Earth's Defense (POP)).

Red Faction Guerrilla Game process:

Single player game
A single passage is made in the form of a large set of missions where the player is to liberate a significant part of Mars from the forces of tyranny.  The main enemy this time are the Defense Forces of the Earth (or abbreviated POPs).  Under their tight control are six large sectors of the planet the total area of ​​which is 12 square kilometers.  The player will gradually establish control over all areas and reduce the influence of the enemy.  All actions take place in an open world where almost all buildings can be destroyed.  To fully capture the territory it is required to perform plot missions and additional tasks.  The former are necessary for direct passage and the latter for obtaining a reputation in each of the regions.  To move over long distances a player can use a different technique which then can be used to destroy some objects.

The main currency in the game is scrap metal.  It falls out of the destroyed objects and is also given as payment at the end of the tasks.

The further the player moves along the story line the stronger the opponents become (more lives stronger weapons).  Together with this there are also improvements for the player's weapons.
Red Faction Guerrilla Game

Red Faction Guerrilla Game

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