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Battle Metal Street Riot Control Game

Review: Battle Metal Street Riot Control Game Racing for survival 1 or Motor racing (2) - the genre of racing computer games where the main or secondary task of the player driving a vehicle is the destruction of one or more similar opponents.  In this case the player himself can also be destroyed by opponents.  In the case of a multiplayer survival race the winner is the player who was the last to survive.  Destruction can occur both by the ramming of enemy vehicles by its own and by the weapon installed on the machine. 

Battle Metal Street Riot Control Game Overview:

In some games the destruction of enemies is not done directly but through the activation of special triggers;  Activating the trigger at a certain time the player can trigger a certain event on the game level which can damage or destroy the enemies.  This genre is usually given the choice of various vehicles available for the game each of which has its strengths and weaknesses and special attacks.  Players can also unlock hidden vehicles by performing specific tasks in the game.
Battle Metal Street Riot Control Game

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