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Enemy Front Game

Enemy Front Game

Review: Enemy Front Game a computer game in the genre of a first-person shooter developed and released by the Polish company City Interactive for PC PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 June 10 2014.

Enemy Front Game Overview:

According to the story the correspondent Robert Hawkins wanted to warn the whole world about the threat from the Nazis.  But after a small incident in Spain he was persecuted by the Gestapo.  Deciding to return to his homeland Robert gets surrounded by the enemy and joins the members of the uprising of the Warsaw resistance.

The game must be engaged in espionage and organize sabotage.  The shooter is based on an artistic fiction based on World War II as well as imbued with features of the first parts of the game series Medal of Honor.

     ↑ Goryachev Vladimir Review of Enemy Front (06/22/2014).
     ↑ Shapoval Paul Enemy Front.  Pragmatism vs. idealism (15.06.2014).
Enemy Front Game

Enemy Front Game

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