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The Long Dark Game

Review: The Long Dark game is a computer game in the genre of a survival simulator with a first-person view with open-world elements developed by the Canadian company Hinterland for Microsoft Windows and OS X. The alpha version of the game was released on September 22 2014 as part of an early access  In Steam 1.  Developers received funding to develop the game through a campaign at Kickstarter in October 2013 2.  The Long Dark is the debut project of the Hinterland Studio team.  The game received positive reviews even at the stage of alpha development.

The Long Dark Game Overview:

The Long Dark is developed in the genre of survival with a first-person view.  Locations are an open world specifically the game takes place in the wilds on the Pacific coast of Canada after the crash of an aircraft heading for the city of Sitka (Alaska) in the face of an unknown global catastrophe (judging by the route and topography in the vicinity of the village of La Ku'alams  Under Prince Rupert).  The player acts as a surviving pilot.  The goal of the game in the "Survival" mode is to survive as long as possible.  The game includes the elements of the simulator there are indicators of the temperature of the environment the number of calories the degree of saturation / hunger fatigue;  Also simulated air temperature and wind speed wildlife (including the life of wild animals) 3 4.
The Long Dark Game

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