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Dungeon Crawlers HD Game

Review: Dungeon Crawlers HD Game is a free and cross-platform computer role-playing game in the genre roguelike.  Although the first version of the game was published on October 1 1997 the game was finalized for many years to come.  The latest official version - 4.1.0 alpha - was released in June 2005.

Dungeon Crawlers HD Game Overview:

The Dungeon Crawlers HD Game was ported to the Nintendo DS under the name DSCrawl. There is an alternative actively developing version of the game called Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup created by another team based on the original Dungeon Crawl.  Unlike the original Dungeon Crawl for Stone Soup there is not only a version with a traditional text interface for roguelike but also a version with a two-dimensional graphical interface that supports a computer mouse.
Dungeon Crawlers HD Game

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