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Arma 3 Tac Ops Mission Game

Arma 3 Tac Ops Mission Game

Review: Free Download Arma 3 Tac Ops Mission PC Game Full version direct Link. Arma 3 Tac Ops Mission Game Free Download Full Version For All Windows OS it is a computer game in the genre of tactical shooter with role-playing elements the third in a series of Arma games developed by Bohemia Interactive Studio for Microsoft Windows platforms. The ARMA 3 Game was released September 12 2013 on Steam 5 6.  For the Linux platform 1 September 2015 entered a port of a beta version 1.42 of the game. 7

Arma 3 Tac Ops Mission Game Overview:

The ARMA 3 Game takes place on the open spaces of the island recreated with real island of Lemnos. Time of action - the future the year 2035.  US occupied confrontation with China in the Pacific Ocean Turkey is suffering the consequences of some disasters and in Greece calms down a 10-year civil war.

Arma 3 Tac Ops Mission Game playing Prologue:

A short drive from one episode tells the prehistory of the events of the main campaign.  Positioned as a tutorial.  It was released along with the next free update Steam in July 2014 and contains additional elements developed after the release of the game.
In the US peacekeeping base on the island of Stratis comes Corporal Ben Carey to help peacekeepers in the coagulation base.  During smuggled army trucks to the shore of their convoy attack and they learn on communication about the beginning of a invasion of the island.  Carrie along with Sergeant Adams trying to get back to the base reflecting the attacks are now suddenly become enemies of the local government forces (AAF).  Finding that the base is destroyed they come in touch with the surviving soldiers of NATO and go in search of them.  However Sergeant Adams is undermined by a mine and Carrie continues the path alone.  He is the last of the NATO forces on the island - about two dozen soldiers under the command of Captain Scott Miller Maxwell retaining base.  In the next two days Miller units perform a number of combat missions on the island and then evacuated from Stratis on the water.  The island is planted CSAT forces - the Iranian armed forces allied to local government.  Boat Kerry attacked from the air and the corporal loses consciousness.
Corporal Carrie wakes up on the coast of the Altis and joins the FIA ​​- the local rebels fighting against Iranian troops and they control the government.  Captain Miller who had contacts among the rebels and also is fighting on the side of the FIA but in parallel performs an own job which no one knows.  In carrying out various missions Carrie waiting to invade the island of NATO troops and returned to duty.
Kerry again in NATO.  Along with the soldiers he captures the important parts of Altis.  In this part of the campaign there are 2 endings (depending on the choice of the player) If you decide to save Lieutenant James the result CSAT will begin large-scale offensive on the island and NATO will recede.  The following final mission you will get out of the island. If you obey the commander of NATO (Crossroads) the AAF capitulate.  After 6 weeks Kerry will be accompanied by a journalist and in the end it will report that it urgently needs to address the serious command problems.
ARMA 3 Game

Arma 3 Tac Ops Mission Game

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