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Company of Heroes 2 Game

Company of Heroes 2 Game

Review: Free Download Company of Heroes 2 Full Version PC Game Direct Link 100% Working Game. Company of Heroes 2 Free Download Full Version For All windows OS the game is (abbreviated CoH2) is a computer game in the real-time strategy genre (RTS) developed by Relic Entertainment.  It was announced on May 7 2012 available for pre-order in digital services Steam and Origin and released on June 25 2013.

Company of Heroes 2 Game Development and Prior Art:

Originally the publisher was THQ which closed due to financial problems.  During the auction on January 23 - 24 2013 SEGA bought for $ 26.6 million to studio-developer Relic Entertainment with all its franchises including the rights to the series of Company of Heroes. According to the official announcement 3 the game uses the game engine Essence Engine 3 the first version of which was created for the original Company of Heroes and the second for the development of Dawn of War II.

Company of Heroes 2 Game Plot:

The game is a reminiscence of Isakovich and therefore the episodes are not given in chronological order.  The former military commissar recalls the Stalingrad Battle the breakthrough of the blockade of Leningrad the relations of the Russians with the Polish partisans from the Army of Craiova the exploit of a group of Soviet soldiers who managed to overcome the Tiger with limited means and deliver it for study an unsuccessful attempt to free prisoners of war from the concentration camp and finally  about the Battle of Berlin.  In the end having in his hands a list of atrocities of the Red commanders and considering it his duty that the world learn the unflattering truth Isakovich tries to flee to the Allies but is caught and sent to the Gulag.  At the end of the game a security officer comes to Isakovich and plans to shoot him but Churkin kills an officer gives the former military commissar a book he wrote with facts of atrocities and tells Isakovich to tell the truth.  The last shots of the game show Isakovich running through the snow-covered forest to the distant Norilsk.

Technical information
Company of Heroes 2 is executed on the new engine Essence 3.0 it stands out with graphical reliability and advanced technologies the source is not specified 1644 days. With the TrueSight system the visibility of the unit on the battlefield is limited to line-of-sight. The ColdTech technology is responsible for displaying the harsh winter.  Now the player's armies are freezing being in the open space during the battle periodically there are snow storms and ice and snow dynamically change under the influence of weather fire machinery and destructive explosions.
Company of Heroes 2 Game

Company of Heroes 2 Game

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