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Company of Heroes Game

Company of Heroes Game

Review: Free Download Company of Heroes Full Version PC Game Direct Link 100% Working. Company of Heroes Free Download Full Version Game in a single direct link for all windows OS it is a computer game a real-time strategy (RTS) developed by Relic Entertainment for personal computers running Windows.  

Company of Heroes Game Overview:

It was announced on April 25 2005 and the release took place on September 12 2006.  CoH was the first project using the label Games for Windows. September 24 2007 the first addition of Company of Heroes Opposing Fronts. April 9 2009 came the second addition of Company of Heroes Tales of Valor.

Company of Heroes Game process:

In the gameplay the game resembles the previous creation of Relic Entertainment - a series of Warhammer 40000 Dawn of War.  The player commands units of fighters and not individual units (the exception is engineering and unique combat units) the struggle for resources is at the forefront.  Each side in the game is divided into three unique areas - infantry amphibious and tank from the Americans and defensive offensive and propaganda from the Germans the advancement in which gives access to new combat units and attacks (for example assault planes).

Like Warhammer 40000 Dawn of War the system has a "distribution" of weapons.  This means that the player can decide which weapon to equip his platoon of infantry or engineers.  The difference is that firstly platoons after death can leave weapons and secondly platoons in which there are still fighters without special weapons can pick it up.  This applies even to fixed-type weapons such as anti-tank guns machine guns and mortars.

Another important difference is that the units (including the technique) in the game now have three levels of experience.  Each level increases the rate of fire damage speed health armor or range of sight of the combat unit depending on its type.  New opportunities for combat units do not appear (exception - knights of the knightly cross in the Wehrmacht).

Changed the conditions for the replenishment of troops - the troops can replenish only about barracks field barracks or a support truck (the exception is paratroopers from the US forces).

The fighting spirit of infantry also strongly influences the course of the battle.  A platoon that has fallen under machine-gun artillery or mortar fire automatically falls to the ground its speed of shooting and movement decreases.  If the player does not take action then the platoon generally ceases to respond to orders and shoot switching to pinned down mode literally "pressed to the ground".
Company of Heroes Game

Company of Heroes Game

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