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Hello Neighbor (v1.1.7) Latest Game

Hello Neighbor (v1.1.7) Latest Game

Review: Hello Neighbor (v1.1.7) Game Free Download Full Version PC Game Direct Link. Free Download Hello Neighbor (v1.1.7) Latest Version Full Game in a single direct link for all Windows OS 100% Working Game is a multi-platform video game in the genre of survival horror developed by the Russian studio Dynamic Pixels and published by tinyBuild.  

Hello Neighbor (v1.1.7) Game Overview:

The goal of the game is that the player successfully made his way to the basement of his neighbor's house in order to learn the "terrible secret" and reveal all the secrets. Artificial intelligence allows a neighbor to perform such actions as setting traps along the paths that the player performed the previous time inserting new windows instead of broken ones and so on.

The game was released as an alpha build on the Dynamic Pixels website in 2015 before it is approved for sale to fund further development after which the studio signed a deal with tinyBuild to publish the game. 5  On December 8 2017 the game was released on Microsoft Windows macOS and Xbox One.

Hello Neighbor (v1.1.7) Game Gameplay:

In Hello Neighbor the player is in a new house opposite to which lives a strange and suspicious neighbor and it seems he is hiding something frightening in his cellar.  The player's task is to penetrate into the neighbor's house and collect the items necessary to unlock access to his basement.  When a player investigates a neighbor's house he should not be seen by him otherwise he will pursue the player and will probably catch him.  If the player is caught he will be sent back to his house and he will again have to enter the mysterious mansion.The player has four inventory slots;  objects of the same type can not be added together in the same cell 7.

Hello Neighbor (v1.1.7) Game Developing a game:

Hello Neighbor originally planned to release August 29 2017 8 but it was announced that its release was postponed to December 8 2017. 
Hello Neighbor Game

Hello Neighbor (v1.1.7) Latest Game

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