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Middle-earth Shadow of War Game

Middle-earth Shadow of War Game

Review: Free Download Middle-earth Shadow of War Full Version PC Game Direct Link. Middle-earth Shadow of War Free Download PC Game Full Version Single Direct Link Setup iso Complete File 100% Working Game For Windows All OS Platforms XP/7/8/9/10 32+64 bit. it is a multi platform computer game in the genre Action / RPG with the open world developed by Monolith Productions for the platforms Xbox One Windows and PlayStation 4. Her publisher was Warner Bros..  Interactive Entertainment.  The game was released on October 10 2017.

Middle-earth Shadow of War Game Overview:

The game is a continuation of Middle-earth Shadow of Mordor released in 2014.  Like the previous game Middle-earth Shadow of War is based on the books of JRR Tolkien and their adaptation of Peter Jackson.  The player is led by the tracker Talion possessed by the spirit of the elven ruler of Celebrimbor;  Taleon tries to use one of the rings of power to assemble an army of orcs and trolls and challenge Sauron and his Nazgul commanders.  Shadow of War uses the advanced Nemesis system from the previous game;  The game world and its characters change depending on the actions and decisions of the player which means that each new passage differs from the previous one 3.  If the player has a Shadow of Mordor save he can transfer the individual characters from the first game - the most archenemy and the most faithful companion - to a new game.

Middle-earth Shadow of War Game Plot:

Some time after the defeat of Sauron's Black Hand the Gondor tracker Taleon and the spirit of the Elven blacksmith Celebrimbor connected to him by one flesh went to Sammat Noir the very place in the mouth of Orodruin where Sauron forged the Ring of All-Power.  To counter the influence of the Dark Lord in Mordor Taleon and Celebrimbor created a new Ring of Power that conceals the nature of the elf itself and is absolutely "pure" from Sauron.  But when the Ring was ready the spirit of Celebrimbor was abducted by Shelob "Weaver of the Fate" and the last child of Ungoliant.  Without a spirit Taleon begins to die from a cut on his neck inflicted on him by the Black Hand and before his death sees his wife Ioret but when he comes to himself he puts on the New Ring which saves his life.  To return Celebrimbor Taleon goes to the depths of the caves of Kirit Ungol where Shelob keeps the spirit in the web and sucks his strength.  In exchange for the New Ring Shelob liberates Celebrimbor and through a vision guides both to the last fortress of Gondor in Mordor the ancient city of Minas-Itil under the siege of the Orc army led by the liberated Angolan Noghuls led by the Witch King who decided not only  etch the last stronghold of people in the Land of Shadow but also to capture the Stone of Itil one of the palantirs which can become a dangerous weapon in the hands of Sauron.

Arriving in the city Taleon does his best to help stand Minas-Itil but Celebrimbor unswervingly repeats that the city is lost and that their main goal is palantir.  In response the ranger who does not want the garrison of the Fortress of the Moon to suffer the same fate as his companions on the Black Gate says that the stronger the defense of the city the more inaccessible the seeing stone for Sauron and finds new allies General Kastamir commander of the troops of Gondor  his daughter and in combination the Guardian of Knowledge Idril and Captain Baranor deputy Kastamir who was born in the family of the Haradrim near Umbar but in his childhood he was exchanged for a Gondor child as a sign of pledge of peaceful relations.  Together they manage to effectively resist the invaders while Kastamir who fears for the life of his daughter does not betray comrades letting the orcs break through the gates and not giving the palantir into the hands of the Nazgul.  In response the Nazgul says that Idril is "free to die with his people" after which he kills the traitorous general.  Minas-Itil fell Idril and Baranor fled in an unknown direction and Talion from surrender to the will of Sauron rescues Eltariel the Blade Galadriel specially sent by Lady Laurian to exterminate the Nine Ghosts after their retreat from Dol Guldur.  Having received the Stone of Itil Sauron is to the Witch-King and transfers to his disposal Minas-Itil and renames it Minas-Morgul.  With the help of a palantir Sauron finds the New Ring and sends the Nazgoles to deal with Shelob which was once his mistress.  Taleon is in time in the caves where Shelob rescues after which the spider returns the Ring to him and says that the fate of all Middle-earth is now in his hands.
Middle-earth Shadow of War Game

Middle-earth Shadow of War Game

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