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Pokémon X and Y PC Game 100% Work

Pokémon X and Y PC Game 100% Work

Review: Free Download Pokémon X and Y PC Game Full Version Direct Link. Pokémon X and Y Free Download Complete 100% Working iso Image File in s single direct link. it a version of the Japanese role-playing game developed by the Game Freak studio for the portable gaming system Nintendo 3DS.  This is the first game of the sixth generation of the Pokémon series as well as the first game of the main portable series completely built using polygonal three-dimensional graphics.  The game was released simultaneously around the world on October 12 2013.

Pokémon X and Y PC Game Gameplay:

As in the previous games of the series in Pokémon X and Y the player controls a Pokémon coach who travels the game world catches creatures called Pokémon and with their help fights against other coaches.  After defeating the enemy Pokémon in turn-based combat the Pokémon player gains experience points;  having typed their certain amount it rises to a new level.  When a certain level is reached many Pokémon can evolve - turn into their more developed forms.  The player has the opportunity to catch Pokémon found during random encounters.  Players can fight or exchange Pokemon with each other using the features of the multiplayer game Nintendo 3DS.  In each version of the game there are unique Pokémon missing in the other;  to collect all players are forced to change the Pokemon.

Pokémon X and Y PC Game New Features:

For the first time the whole game of the main series including objects of the surrounding world character models and combat animation is constructed using polygonal three-dimensional graphics 1.  Players have the opportunity to change the appearance of the hero choose the color of his skin and in the process of the game to buy new clothes and accessories for him.  Along with the various Pokemon games from previous generations many completely new Pokémon will be introduced in X and Y including the new starting Pokemon Chespin (Chespin; Harimaron) Fennekin (Fokko) and Frouki  (Froakie Keromatsu (ケ ロ マ ツ)) as well as two new legendary Pokemon named Xerneas (ゼ ル ネ ネ ス (Zeruneasu)) and Iveltal (Yveltal; イ ベ ル タ ル (Iberutaru)) which outwardly resemble the Latin letters X and  Y respectively 2 3 4 5.  During the passage the player will have the opportunity to choose one of the classic starting Pokémon Red and Blue Pokemon 6.  A new type of Pokemon has been added - Fairy to which some Pokémon of the new and previous generations belong 7.  Game developers argue that the new type should compensate for the powerful dragon type.

One of the main innovations - megaevolution which allows fully evolved Pokemon such as Mute or Lucaryo to temporarily become an even more advanced mega-form 8.  In addition for some Pokémon there is not one but several mega-forms 9.  There were also air battles in which only Pokemon flying type can participate and Horde mode when the only player pokemon fights against several Pokémon at the same time 10.  The mini-game Pokémon-Amie allows the player to contact his Pokémon using the touch screen and the 3DS camera.  A new mode of super-training includes a variety of mini-games that improve the combat characteristics of the Pokemon.
Pokémon X and Y PC Game

Pokémon X and Y PC Game 100% Work

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