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Primal Carnage Extinction Game

Primal Carnage Extinction Game

Review: Primal Carnage Extinction Free Download Full Version Direct Link. Primal Carnage PC Game Free Download Direct Link Setup iso file full version for all Windows OS XP/7/8/9/10 32+64bit, it is a multiplayer team game in the genre of a first / third person shooter developed by an independent company Lukewarm Media 3.  The game has a choice between two teams people and dinosaurs 4 5 there will also be support for bots 6.  The game was released on October 28 2012 the game is available on Steam.

It was confirmed that the game will be released on both 64-bit systems and Linux 7 8.  The developers said that on consoles the game can work on a less optimal schedule but without changes in the game process 9.  The game is planned for five classes in each team the management of people will be from 1 person control of dinosaurs - from the third person.

The team of people includes five unique classes each of which is equipped for specific ways to combat dinosaurs.  Although mercenaries are highly qualified they can not survive alone.  Teamwork is critical to success and survival.

Primal Carnage Extinction Game Description:

Unleash the dinosaur within you and control the most deadly predators in the history of the planet.  Choose a raptor to your liking - from small acid spouts to huge tyrants.

Primal Carnage Extinction is the continuation of Primal Carnage in 2012 the authors of which were among the first to think of making a multiplayer action game about the war of dinosaurs and people.  Initially Extinction was not conceived as an independent game but as a major free update for the original but then the developers decided to release it separately from the first part.  That is why Extinction is largely perceived solely as a reprint of Primal Carnage in the sequel updated graphics changed the balance of some classes but at the same time left the game process virtually untouched with all its advantages and disadvantages.

Primal Carnage Extinction did not get rid of the most important problem of its predecessor it's interesting to play exclusively for dinosaurs and the reason for this is not only in the obvious desire to be in the skin of a twelve-meter-long monster weighing six tons.  Already after an hour spent in Extinction it becomes clear that the developers have clearly thrown all the forces on the study of the lizards while forgetting about the team of mercenary people.  Each species of dinosaurs is absolutely unique for example brisk raptors run the fastest and hide perfectly in the grass pterodactyls can fly and dilofosaurs can spit with acid.  A team of primitive predators can easily win the match if the players are co-ordinated to use the special skills of the Lizards.  For example one accurate spit dilofosaurus is able to blind for a time any enemy which will make it easy prey for the same raptor. 
Primal Carnage Extinction Game

Primal Carnage Extinction Game

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