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Stronghold 2 Game

Stronghold 2 Game

Review: Free Download Stronghold 2 Full Version PC Game Direct Link 100% Working Game. Stronghold 2 Free Download Full Version For All windows OS XP/7/8/9/10 32+64 bit it is a real-time strategy game released by Firefly Studios in 2005. It is a plot continuation of the game Stronghold. The game simulates the construction and defense of a medieval castle.  

Stronghold 2 Game Overview:

The game system is more like a system from Stronghold Crusader with some changes.  On the engine of this game with some changes was created game Stronghold Legends with a fantasy storyline.  The game is released in several versions (up to 1.4.1) differing in the number of computer opponents and minor changes in the parameters of the game.

Stronghold 2 Game Gameplay:

The player starts the game with a lord who rules a medieval castle.  Using available resources he builds residential and military buildings workshops buildings for the extraction of resources and food.  Free peasants automatically choose their work if for them there are jobs (free buildings) the intervention of the player here is minimal.  More attention has to be paid to military buildings.  Troops are also recruited from free peasants (recruits).  Military units can be controlled both individually and in a group.  Sometimes there are battles involving hundreds of warriors on each side.  One of the differences from the first part is that a player can acquire some military units only having a certain amount of "honor" (a game resource received for popularity balls tournaments feasts).  Manors - semi-autonomous villages without a lock and protective walls.  Managed as a player and artificial intelligence.  They produce their own goods which the player can send to his castle or castle of his allies with the help of a cart.

As in the original Citadel in addition to campaigns (military and economic) the player can choose other game modes Free building Crown battle Siege Conqueror's Way Economic and military missions.  It is possible to create your own cards and play them or to exchange cards with other players.  The game has a multiplayer with the ability to play both on the Internet and on the local network.
Stronghold 2 Game

Stronghold 2 Game

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