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Stronghold 3 Game

Stronghold 3 Game

Review: Free Download Stronghold 3 Full Version Direct Link 100% Working Game.  Stronghold 3 Game Free Download Full Version PC Game in a single direct link for all windows OS it is a real-time strategy from Firefly Studios produced under the Stronghold brand. The game was released on October 25 2011 and in Russia and the CIS - on October 28.  The developer of the game is still the company Firefly Studios and the publisher - 7Sixty.  This is the sixth game in the Stronghold series of games.  It is a continuation of the games Stronghold released in 2001 and Stronghold 2 released in 2005.  This project is the first novelty in the real-time strategy genre from Firefly Studios since the release of Stronghold Crusader Extreme in 2008.

Stronghold 3 Game Development:

In 2008 shortly after the release of Stronghold Crusader Extreme it was first announced that FireFly Studios was working on new games in the Stronghold series.  Soon came the information that this will be games Stronghold Crusader 2 and Stronghold 3 3.  However it was stated that the company will begin work on one of these games only after the game Stronghold Kingdoms (in 2010) is released.  Later it was announced that it would probably be a game of Stronghold 3. Officially the game was presented only on May 14 2010 simultaneously with the official game site.
Innovations in the game
The new improved system of locksmithing will allow to approach to a reality and to delve into all subtleties of this craft.  Also updated graphics added several modes including the night siege.  Announced new opportunities in the storming of castles it will be possible to precipitate real historical castles.  The most interesting new addition to Stronghold 3 is the night analogue of the fog of war in other games.  According to the developers this new technology will be widely used in multiplayer and siege.

The world of Stronghold 3 will be more like the Stronghold world than the world of Stronghold 2. The buildings will change the closer the house to the castle the richer it looks the further it is the poorer.  The game engine will also show a new weather system and advanced lighting.

Stronghold 3 Game System:

Announced a change of day and night high-quality 3D graphics presented several screenshots 6.  The developers said that the physical engine of the game will be completely changed.  There will be an opportunity of destruction of natural objects the system of an arrangement of structures is reconsidered.  Perhaps some new buildings will appear.  The system of destruction of buildings will be changed 7.  It also became known that Stronghold 3 will have a system for managing non-combat units many processes in the game will occur under the control of artificial intelligence.  More attention will be paid to the military part of the game the physical features of the siege weapons have been worked out 8.  The game will be distributed via Steam and new options will be added for players on the network.  It is known that the game will be released on the basis of the physics engine Havok.  Also an external map editor and a number of opportunities for changing the terrain were announced.

As in the previous games of the series this part will focus on the development of the economy and military affairs.  Players will be able to choose which tactics to use - economic or military - and each will have its own missions and storylines that link to the main story.  The economy has always been an important aspect of Stronghold.  Players like the choice between attacking an enemy castle or building their own and collecting a large army along with managing their own resources such as food gold and nobility.

Stronghold 3 Game

Stronghold 3 Game

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