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World of Final Fantasy Game

World of Final Fantasy Game

Review: Free Download World of Final Fantasy Full Version Direct Link 100% Working Game. World of Final Fantasy Game Free Download For All Windows OS XP/7/8/9/10 32+64 bit. Game Go into an incredible adventure in the new game WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY.  The colorful world WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY opens doors for adventurers of all ages.  Catch and nurture the legendary monsters making them into charming but strategically important towers.

World of Final Fantasy Game Overview:

This is the first "classic" part of Final Fantasy for 15 years for which its creators should not be ashamed.  After Final Fantasy 10 turn-based "finals" on consoles was not so much a terrible sequel to the "tens" an even more horrible sequel to Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy The 4 Heroes of Light for DS whose creators in their quest to make "as in  old good "showed excessive zeal and made the game incredibly monotonous and boring - in the worst traditions of the 80's.

More From World of Final Fantasy Game:

World of Final Fantasy tells the story of two teenagers the twins Lanna and Reinn.  One day they meet a real demiurge goddess who invites them to visit the world she created and become masters of Pokemon mirages - monsters which can be collected and pumped.  Who refuses such an offer?

The world of Grimoire in addition to mirages is populated with Lilliputian chibiks against which the twins seem to be giants.  In order not to look very strange when communicating with local inhabitants Lann and Rhein can if desired "shrink" to their size.  The audience reacts favorably to the giants favorably their coming was predicted in the prophecy.  The purpose of the twin journey very soon switches from an abstract "gather them all" just to fulfill that same prophecy.  And it involves searching for keys hidden in different corners of the world just like with crystal spheres in the first Final Fantasy.

World of Final Fantasy inherited from the classics?  Yes almost everything!  Long dungeons with random fighting ATV system cities where you can talk to the NPC and an absolutely linear story about saving the world fed through a bunch of cut scenes.
World of Final Fantasy Game

World of Final Fantasy Game

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