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Celeste Game

Celeste Game

Review: Celeste PC Game Free Download Full Version Direct Link. Celeste Free Download For PC 100% working Game it is a computer game in the genre platformer developed by Matt Makes Games and in particular two of its employees Matt Thorson and Noel Berry.  The plot of the game tells of a girl named Meidlin who wants to climb to the top of Mount Celeste.  Celeste was released in January 2018 on Microsoft Windows Nintendo Switch PlayStation 4 Xbox One Mac and Linux.

Celeste Game Gameplay:

The Celeste's gameplay is similar in many respects to the Super Meat Boy which also requires a high level of accuracy in character management.  The player needs to controlling the main character and using her abilities climb walls and make a jerk draw it through the levels containing the various traps.  In this case the player can perform only one spurt before touching the ground again.  The character's hair changes color from red to blue which means that the ability to jerk was exhausted.  The character can go through a green crystal to replenish his jerk in the air and at the late levels there are feathers that allow you to fly a short distance.  The ability to collect strawberries is also added which is scattered across all levels which adds a competition based on glasses to the game.

Celeste Game Plot:

The action takes place in the vicinity and on the very mountain of Celeste a fictional mountain in western Canada which has some power.  The plot unfolds around a girl named Meidlin who decided to climb the mountain.  Climbing the mountain it passes through the Forgotten city the hotel "Heavenly resort" and other places.  On the way she meets other characters the old woman who lives on this mountain;  photographer Theo from Seattle who came to the mountain to take pictures;  a ghost of the concierge who lives in the abandoned hotel of Mr. Oshoro and at first a somewhat hostile "part of it" which the mountain separated from the main heroine.  Madeline on all of her difficult path has to face and overcome her inner demons in addition to the trials that the mountain gives.
Celeste Game

Celeste Game

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