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Conflict Desert Storm 1 Game

Review: Free Download Conflict Desert Storm 1 Full Version PC Game Direct Link 100% Work. Conflict Desert Storm Free Download Full Version For All Windows OS XP/7/8/9/10 32+64 bit. it is a 3rd person shooter developed by the Pivotal games studio and published by SCi in 2002.  The game was localized in Russia by the company Buka.

Conflict Desert Storm 1 Game Features of the game:

The game was the first in the famous Conflict series dedicated to various special operations of US NATO and UN troops.  During 15 missions four heroes (Bradley Foley Connors and Jones) will have to perform various missions in urban and desert conditions.  A distinctive feature of the game is tactics.  Even on an easy level of complexity without tactical maneuvers it is impossible to win.  The game gradually introduces us to the new heroes and their capabilities.  Playing for a single fighter the player must give commands to the rest of the group.  At the same time you can switch at any time between all the fighters.  Each soldier has his own inventory and they can exchange items at the request of the player.

Conflict Desert Storm 1 Game Plot:

Desert Storm begins the narrative from August 2 1990 when Iraq introduced its troops to Kuwait.  In order to prevent Iraqi tanks from advancing further into Kuwait two special forces tried to undermine the bridge.  However the guards spotted them and prevented them from committing acts of sabotage.  One of the special forces perishes and the second (Foley) is taken prisoner.  The next day Bradley goes to rescue his colleague from captivity.  During the battle Bradley rescues a friend and they undermine the bridge.  After they are picked up by a helicopter and taken to Kuwait.  The next day the capital of a small state is under siege.  Iraqi troops cut off the city from the rest of the country and are trying to destroy the Emir.  However Bradley Foley and Stormtrooper Connors rescue the Emir and evacuate him to Saudi Arabia.
Conflict Desert Storm 1 Game

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