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Dracula 5 The Blood Legacy Game

Review: Free Download Dracula 5 The Blood Legacy Game for PC Full Version Direct Link. Dracula 5 The Blood Legacy Free Download PC game For All Windows OS is the end of the path of Ellen Cross and at the moment the final part of the adventure series about mythical riddles and Count Dracula.

Dracula 5 The Blood Legacy Game Overview:

At the beginning of the game you need to select a profile.  The game can be saved only on exit (autosave) in addition the game itself makes some savepoints. Speed ​​Dialogs - click on the window with dialogs. Inventory and a diary with tasks are in the lower right corner of the screen. You will play for Ellen Cross which in the process of the game will have to be regularly fed up with tablets and food.  Health indicator - a scale next to the portrait of the heroine.  Food - the bookmark "cross" in the inventory (to eat something you need to put the items in slots and click on "Swallow") possible recipes - a bookmark with a snake and a bowl.  I draw your attention to the fact that if you give the heroine whiskey or sleeping pills the level of her health will go down so be careful. The game was played in English so when localizing it is possible to write other names and titles.

Game Dracula 5 The Blood Legacy
Platform Android iOS Mac PC
Genre adventure
Release date December 2 2013
Developer Microids
Publisher Anuman Interactive
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Dracula 5 The Blood Legacy Game

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