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Review: Free Download FINAL FANTASY 12 THE ZODIAC AGE Full Version Direct Link. FINAL FANTASY 12 THE ZODIAC AGE Free Download is a Japanese role-playing game for the PlayStation 2 developed and released by Square Enix in 2006.  It is the twelfth number part of the Final Fantasy series and includes many innovations the ability to freely move game characters around the battlefield a gambit system that serves to program the behavior of game characters controlled by artificial intelligence as well as the so-called "License Board"  new abilities and the ability to use various types of weapons.

The development was conducted since 2001 under the guidance of the game designer Yasumi Matsuno known for the games of the Ogre Battle series as well as Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story but due to health problems he was forced to leave the project after a while and Hiroshi Minagawa  .

Like the other games of the series the twelfth part has no plot connection with the previous parts.  The action of Final Fantasy XII takes place in the fictional fantasy world of Ivalis where the warlike empire of Arcadia invades the small kingdom of Dalmasku.  Two years after the defeat and occupation of Dalmaski the young thief and adventurer Vahan makes his way to the royal palace and meets Princess Ashe the legitimate heir to the throne who was deemed to have died.  Together with other unexpected allies they are looking for a way to get rid of the tyranny of Arcadia traveling through the lands of Ivalis.

Final Fantasy XII received positive reviews from the game press around the world and a number of awards in different categories and many authoritative publications called it the best game of the year.  By 2009 global sales exceeded 6 million copies with Japan accounting for 40% of the circulation 8.  In 2007 the updated international version with the subtitle International Zodiac Job System containing a new system of character development and a number of other changes was released;  this version of the game was not published outside the East Asian region.  In the same 2007 for the pocket platform Nintendo DS was released a kind of sequel - tactical role-playing game Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wings.  The updated edition of Final Fantasy XII with the subtitle The Zodiac Age was released in 2017 for the PlayStation 4 9 6 and in 2018 for Microsoft Windows 10.

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