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Finding Paradise Game

Finding Paradise Game

Review: Free Download Finding Paradise Game Full Version Direct Link 100% Work. Finding Paradise Free Download For All Windows OS it is a visual novel and the sixth game of the team of developers of Freebird Games on the RPG Maker XP game engine.  It is a continuation of the games of To the Moon and A Bird Story.  It was released on December 14 2017.

Finding Paradise Game Process:

Gameplay Finding Paradise is similar to what was in the first game of the series To the Moon which was based on the engine RPG Maker XP.  The game lacks inventory party and combat systems (with the exception of some episodes parodying "full-fledged" RPG).  The player must solve various puzzles and look for meaningful objects in the patient's memory in order to get the opportunity to go to earlier memories and subsequently realize the dream ordered by him in his mind.

Most of the game takes place in the memory of the unconscious patient accessible to the heroes thanks to a special machine.  In free from the study of memories heroes can study the patient's house and communicate with his relatives.

Finding Paradise Game Plot:

Employees of Sigmund Corp.  Dr.  Eva Rosalyn and Dr..  Neil Watts receive another task to fulfill the dream of the whole life of a dying man named Colin Ridz.  Arriving at his apartment the doctors prepare and connect to the machine which transforms the patient's memories into an interactive virtual reality.  The patient himself could not name a specific desire noting that he would like to reduce all changes in memory to a minimum.

Starting the process of studying the patient's memory Rosalyn and Watts soon discover an anomaly instead of moving linearly from newer memories to older ones (from old age to childhood) they move spirally from old age to early childhood and back.  Such movements are gradually approaching from some critical point in the center of the patient's life or "the gravitational center" as Dr. Rosalyn calls it.

The second half of life Colin appears quite happy he became a pilot of civil aviation lived a happy family life with his wife Sophia and son Asher.  However after doubt he decides to use the services of Sidmund Corp. which causes the annoyance of Asher and Sophia who think that Colin wants to exchange in his memories the life with them for something else.  Colin however assures Sofia that he will by no means renounce the memory of her and her son.

In the memories of childhood and youth Colin discovers that he has spoken very much with Fay a girl who lives in a neighboring house.  She strongly supported him played up to Colin when he learned to play the cello motivated him to get a job at the airport and subsequently learn how to fly a plane.  After meeting Sophia who played the piano in the orchestra Colin is less and less likely to meet with Faye and afterwards they part.  Rosalyn and Watts conclude that Colin regrets the separation.  Since the patient required to keep memories of the current family doctors decide to remove from memory Fey.

However soon Rosalyn and Watts discover that in reality there was no Fei and she was a fictional friend of Colin whom he recorded in his diary in order to avoid loneliness.  Because of modifications in the memory machine introduced by Watts she finds self-consciousness and begins to fight doctors for Colin's memory insisting that Rosalyn and Watts do not make any changes and leave memory.
Finding Paradise Game

Finding Paradise Game

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