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Just Cause 1 Game

Just Cause 1 Game

Review: Free Download Just Cause 1 Game Full Version Direct Link 100% Work. Just Cause 1 Free Download PC Game For All windows OS complete iso setup in a single direct link For Windows XP/7/8/9/10 32+64 bit it is a computer game a third-person action game developed by Avalanche Studios and released by Eidos Interactive.  It was released on September 26 2006.  It is the first part of the trilogy of the same name.  

Just Cause 1 Game Overview:

According to the plot of the game the main character a special agent of the CIA Rico Rodriguez goes to the small tropical state of San Esperito with the goal of overthrowing the corrupt power of the country's president Salvador Mendoza at any cost.  The gameplay is not linear 1025 square kilometers of tropical jungles beaches and settlements can be explored for fun.  This unprecedented gaming world is created on the engine Avalanche Engine (avalanche engine) consistently loads detailed landscapes which greatly reduces the time of loading the map.  The game provides more than 80 ways to travel on land water and air.  The game has motorcycles cars boats submarines helicopters and airplanes that you can use.  Rico will have to enlist the support of partisan militias build relations with the cartel of drug lords and carry out more than one mission to overthrow dictator's regime.

Just Cause 1 Game Plot:

The main character is CIA agent Rico Rodriguez whose task is to overthrow the dictator-president.  The super agent arrives on the island in order to arrange a revolution.  First he needs to get to the CIA base (the very first cover) covering Tom Sheldon taking the place of the machine gun in the jeep.  Then make your way to the old fort where they keep the rebel leader and release him.  After that Franco Alifano (the drug lord from America) is to be killed to pretend to them and get the support of the drug cartel of Rioja.  Releasing the country Rico discovers all the mysteries of Mendoza Rico releases the rebel leader from prison destroys the repositories with the cocaine cartel "Montano" kills the commander in chief of the armed forces of San Esperito General Durango and then he is sent to the "medicine factory" which turns out to be "  where Mendoza shamanite over WMD "(weapons of mass destruction).  

He needs to redirect the missile and blow up the nuclear power plant which is also a nuclear weapons storage facility to kill the "Nazi maniac the protege of Werner von Braun himself in his 13" Otto Kleiner help Karamikas address the people of San Esperito capture the capital the secret police headquarters  and kill the president himself.  But it's not so easy to kill the president right away before that you have to complete all the tasks that will be put before Rico.
Just Cause 1 PC Game

Just Cause 1 Game

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