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Kingdom Come Deliverance Game

Kingdom Come Deliverance Game

Review: Free Download Kingdom Come Deliverance Full Version PC Game Direct Link 100% Work it is a single-player computer role-playing game from the first person with an open medieval world. Kingdom Come Deliverance Free Download Full Version PC Game was developed by the Czech company Warhorse Studios and published by Deep Silver for the platforms PlayStation 4 Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.  The game takes place in the Kingdom of Bohemia which is part of the Holy Roman Empire.  The developers tried to make the game more realistic and also tried to maintain historical certainty 2.  Release of the game took place on February 13 2018.

Events in the game Kingdom Come Deliverance occur in the kingdom of Bohemia parts of the land of the Bohemian crown (in our time this is the Czech Republic).  The first act takes place in the actual place between the cities of Sazava and Rataye which in the game were heavily modified.

The events in the game begin in 1403.  Its action takes place at the end of the Middle Ages when the Great Western schism took place and the events that took place in Bohemia ended in the Hussite wars.
Indro is the protagonist of the game the son of a blacksmith.  His family was killed by soldiers of the army invading his country. Vaclav IV - the legitimate heir to the throne of Bohemia was abducted at the beginning of the game.Sigismund is the brother of Vaclav who invaded his army in Bohemia and abducted Vaclav. Mr. Borgek is the captain of the garrison of the Talmberg castle.

The old King of Bohemia died and before his death he could not do so that the legitimate heir of Václav IV ascended to the throne.  This was used by the brother of the uncrowned King Sigismund he abducted Wenceslas and began to plunder his lands in order to enrich himself.

The game begins with the fact that the son of the blacksmith whose family was killed by the invaders intends to take revenge on them restore the legitimate ruler on the throne and make sure that his kingdom has peace and order.
Kingdom Come Deliverance Game

Kingdom Come Deliverance Game

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