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Metal Gear Survive Game

REVIEW: Free Download Metal Gear Survive Game Full Version Direct Link. Metal Gear a series of computer games in the genres of stealth action and action-adventure developed and published by Konami under the leadership of the game designer Hideo Kojima.  In most games of the series a player-controlled hero - usually Solid Snake - must go unnoticed to secure military targets avoiding detection.

Metal Gear Survive Game Overview:

The games of the series are characterized by intricate intriguing plots a lot of in-game video and voiced dialogues that deliberately give them a resemblance to cinematography.  The game of the series takes place in the newest time - from the sixties of the XX century to a near future.  In this game contains numerous elements of science fiction and alternative history;  they often repeat the themes of modern warfare and use in it the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence and genetic engineering the moral and ethical aspects of war and its consequences conspiracy theories and others.  For the series also characterized by a kind of humor including "breaking the fourth wall" and multiple references to Western mass culture in particular Hollywood cinema.

The early games of the series played an important role in the genesis and development of the stealth-action genre.  In total over 30 million copies of the series were sold and individual games were awarded critical acclaim and various awards.  In addition comic books and audio plays were released based on games.
Metal Gear Survive Game

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