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Neighbours from Hell 2 On Vacation

Neighbours from Hell 2 On Vacation

Review: Free Download Neighbours from Hell 2 On Vacation PC Game Full Version Direct Link 100% work. Neighbors from Hell 2 On Vacation Free Download Full Version in localization known as "How to get a neighbor 2 Hell Holidays" - computer arcade game the continuation of the game How  get a neighbor (Neighbors from hell) developed by the firm JoWood productions localized in Russia by Russobit.

Neighbours from Hell 2 On Vacation Plot:

After the events of the first part the neighbor tries to escape from Woody and his dirty tricks.  He is going to have a good rest together with his mother but Woody follows him along with his crew to continue to make him dirty and delight the spectators of the show.

Neighbours from Hell 2 On Vacation Gameplay:

The gameplay remained virtually unchanged from the first part.  Watching the characters from the camera shooting the TV show the player controls Woody with the mouse.  The essence of the game is to collect objects scattered on the map and apply them to build a trap for the neighbor.  The only difference was the absence of a time limit time now only affects the points scored but not the success / failure in the mission.  Having done all the dirty tricks the player gets the maximum result but it's impossible to complete the level without getting a minimal result (which is at each level).  Also you can get an "Oscar" if the neighbor at the level had a nervous breakdown.

This time the player will have to pay attention not only to the neighbor but also to his mother.  Unlike the first part the player has more than one life and three.  In the event that the neighbor sees Woody he will beat him and literally throw him to another place and the player will lose one life.  Also in the game there is a character named Olga who does not cause Woody any harm and which the neighbor sympathizes with.  Woody on the plot uses every opportunity to force Olga to beat her neighbor 1 2 3.

The scene of the game was changed.  Now Woody has to mess with his neighbor on a cruise ship in China India and Mexico.
Neighbours from Hell 2 On Vacation

Neighbours from Hell 2 On Vacation

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