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Serious Sam HD The First Encounter Game

Serious Sam HD The First Encounter Game

Review: Free Download Serious Sam HD The First Encounter Game Full Version direct Link 100% Working Game. Serious Sam HD The First Encounter Free Download PC GAME For All Windows OS it is the first-person shooter of 2001 under the name Steep Sam The First Blood. 

The developers recreated the game on the engine Serious Engine 3 adding support for new screen resolutions and new effects improving the quality of textures as well as increasing the number of polygons. The game tells about the adventures of Sam "Serious" Stone (English Sam "Serious" Stone) and his fight against alien invaders led by Mental.

The game was released on November 24 2009 in the digital distribution service Steam for Microsoft Windows and on January 13 2010 for the Xbox 360. In 2017 a remake of this game called Serious Sam VR The First Encounter for virtual reality glasses was released.  The game is compatible with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive devices.

Serious Sam HD The First Encounter Game process:

The key gameplay of the game was carefully transferred by developers from the classic game without significant changes the player needs from level to level to destroy crowds of various alien invaders.  The game has a very rich range of weapons - from a combat knife to a heavy medieval cannon.  Supported by a joint game - you can go through the game shoulder to shoulder with a friend over the Internet and also fight in a deadly battle.

Serious Sam HD The First Encounter Game Plot:

The First Encounter HD story tells about a certain discovery given to mankind in the form of an artifact planted in the land of Egypt from the powerful civilization of Sirius.  With its help mankind has progressed sharply in progress but when exploring outer space it came upon a ruthless race of aliens destroying everything in its path.  In numerous battles mankind lost its positions as a result was thrown out of its systems to its native planet.  However scientists have discovered the ancient artifact "The Key to Eternity" which can move one person in the distant past to fight with invaders.  This person turns out to be Serious Sam one of the most brave fighters with aliens.  He moves to Ancient Egypt to deal with the leader of the aliens - Mental - and return in due time.
Serious Sam HD The First Encounter Game

Serious Sam HD The First Encounter Game

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