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WWE 13 Free Download PC Game Full Version Direct Link 100% Work

WWE 13 Free Download PC Game Full Version Direct Link 100% Work

Review: Free Download WWE 13 PC Game Full Version Direct Link 100% Work. WWE 13 Free Download For PC Full Version For All Windows OS PC Platforms XP/7/8/9/10 32+64 bit it is a video game developed by Yuke's and up to March 25 2013 released by THQ for PC PlayStation 3 Xbox 360 and Wii systems.  

This is the second game in the WWE series and the fifteenth game from the main line of WWF / E games.  WWE '13 - a sequel to last year's WWE '12 game.  The game was released on October 30 2012 in the US and on November 2 of the same year in Europe.

WWE 13 Gameplay:

"Exciting moments" (English OMG! Moments) - a new feature of the game which includes the ability to break the ring or protective fencing around it as well as the ability to intercept the reception of the enemy "on the fly" and transfer it to your crown / final reception.   Together with all this the opportunity to conduct final receptions on the table of commentators is returned.  After holding such techniques the opponent will stay for a long time on mats and with a broken ring the match ends with a knockout.

The game will return matches to six Divs (a few years ago it was possible but later matches involving Dive were cut down to four girls in one ring).

Arenas have become more animated - the sidetrones (screens on the sides of the main titanron) and the lower minitrons (screens at the very bottom of the ramp) are now not just flashing the titanron colors but have their own videos.  The quality of video titanrons and minitrons has become much better in comparison with the previous part. Serious work is carried out over the sound - it has become more realistic loud and voluminous and commentators are less repeated and more often referred to as conducted techniques.

The physical engine "Predator Technology 2.0" - a modified version of the engine WWE '12 - now shows a more realistic animation of the bodies of characters as well as the physics of objects and interactions with them.  The weight system has been revised - now heavyweights can crush rings and ordinary lightweights (for example SM Punk or Ray Mysterio) will not be able to lift such super-heavyweights as Mark Henry and Big Show. 5  Plus the heavyweights themselves look much more impressive than in the previous games of the series.  The weight determination system can be turned off and any wrestler can lift the heavyweight. 6  This system does not apply to Div. 7

The game has various additions to the battles which will pleasantly surprise the players.  For example the ability to instantly switch control to AI-wrestler in team battles is added.  The system of AI detentions has been improved - the last conducted method influences the victory (it will be very difficult to win with a hold after a weak reception if no powerful or final reception has been performed before). The overall complexity of the game is increased at the request of the fans - even a normal level of difficulty can challenge any experienced player.
WWE 13 PC Game

WWE 13 Free Download PC Game Full Version Direct Link 100% Work

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