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WWE 2K20 PC Game

Review: Free Download WWE 2K20 PC Game Full Version Direct Link 100% Working. WWE 2K20 PC Game Free Download Latest For All Windows OS. WWE 2K20 (formerly known as WWE / F SmackDown! (2000-2004) WWE SmackDown vs. Raw (2004-2010 and WWE (2011-2012) - a series of games developed by Yuke's and released by THQ until its bankruptcy.  the game is released by 2K Games.The game is based on the world's most famous wrestling WWE wrestling show.

WWE 2K20 PC Game Overview:

With the release of WWE SmackDown vs.  Raw 2007 introduced a new game mechanics - a new control and capture scheme called "Ultimate Control Moves".  Unlike previous games of the series when the player needed only two buttons - capture and strike in the new game players were given the opportunity to choose the position for capture and the continuation of the capture by the attack which depended on the position (for each position there were several attacks and attacks)  .  For example a player could stand in a position to hold a supplex and after that hold any of several suplexes - the player chose it himself. 1 2  Before the release of WWE SmackDown vs.  Raw 2008 the players demanded that the developers develop a system of pain.  The developers heard the fans of the series and in the new game there was a new pain system in which the player needed to move the analog stick on the gamepad in order to force the opponent to surrender but the rival will do everything possible to escape or force you to surrender if he keeps the grip  . 3

In every game from the series SmackDown vs.  Raw on the screen displayed a figure of a man which showed what damage and in which parts of the body got a wrestler.  The more damaged any part of the body the more successful will be the painful grip on it.  Color showed how serious the damage is - yellow color showed minimal damage orange - not very serious red - serious damage. 4  In SmackDown vs.  Raw 2010 this system was cut and the damage could only be known by the form of the wrestler - if that something is damaged he will hold on to this hand or limp (in cases with injuries to the legs).  In WWE '12 the damage indication system returned - when you click on the right bumper of the gamepad next to the opponent you can see the damage of this and also make a blow to the legs hands or head.  At the same time your injuries you can see only by the behavior of the fighter.  In the game there are four main ways to win the match - hold pain knockout victory on the countdown;  so there is also a draw.  With the appearance of the referee in the ring in WWF SmackDown!  Just Bring It there was an opportunity to win by disqualification.  By the way there are several modes in which you can win in other ways - stair battles (they include Tables Ladders and Chairs fights) where the victory is awarded to someone who removes an item that can only be climbed up the stairs;  match with tables where you can win by throwing an opponent across the table;  matches Inferno where the victory is given to the one who threw the opponent through the fire.

Release WWE SmackDown!  vs.  Raw allowed the players to choose between the face (the public's favorite) and the heal ("bad guy").  Heal will get a bad reaction in the hall while the face will be warm.  Heal will try to do "dirty" tricks - attack the referee use illegal objects (chairs sticks).  Face will fight honestly and improve his mood at the expense of the audience.  All this will lead to one thing - the opportunity to use your crown reception.  Here too there are differences - the face will make an honest and beautiful reception while the heal can strike between the legs or try to strangle. 
WWE 2K20 PC Game

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