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WWE SmackDown Here Comes the Pain Free Download PC Game Full Version

Review: Free Download WWE SmackDown Here Comes the Pain Full Version Direct Link 100% Working Game. WWE SmackDown!  Here Comes the Pain Free download (known as Exciting Pro Wrestling 5 in Japan) is a video game released for the PlayStation 2 console by THQ on October 27 2003. 

It is the sequel to WWE SmackDown!  Shut Your Mouth and is part of the WWE SmackDown vs.  Raw based on the weekly TV show of the World Wrestling Entertainment of the same name.  It was the last WWE game under the name of SmackDown and was succeeded by WWE SmackDown!  vs.  Raw

WWE SmackDown Here Comes the Pain characteristics:

The game features a more traditional grip system keeping the game fast in the series.  This new grip system also includes a body damage meter scales for each character consisting of strength resistance and speed and surrender meters for both the person applying the movement and the person who is trying  get rid

In addition the game left out the audio comment feature that was used in its predecessors WWE SmackDown!  Just Bring It and WWE SmackDown!  Shut Your Mouth.

WWE SmackDown Here Comes the Pain Campus:

This would be the last game of SmackDown!  that would count with Brock Lesnar (until WWE12) and Val Venis like player characters the first (and the only one) in which they leave Goldberg (until WWE2K14 and 2k17) Last Dragon Sean O 'Haire and Scott Steiner in a game of WWE  and the first game of the SmackDown series!  in counting on John Cena Batista Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton as playable characters.  This also marked the last time "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and The Rock (until WWE12) appeared as non-legends as well as being the first and only game in the series to show The Rock's new tattoo.

In the development version appear Jeff Hardy Hulk Hogan (with his alter ego Mr. America) and The Ultimate Warrior.  Hardy Hogan and his character Mr. America were also eliminated when they left the company.  Warrior was removed after threatening WWE with a lawsuit.  Also doing a hack you can see the names of Al Snow Billy Gunn Billy Kidman Bradshaw Jamal Molly Holly Rosey Spike Dudley and William Regal with their respective final moves.
WWE SmackDown Here Comes the Pain Game

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