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WWE SmackDown Shut Your Mouth Free Download PC Game Full Version

Review: Free Download WWE SmackDown Shut Your Mouth Free Download PC Game Full Version Direct Link 100% Working Game. WWE SmackDown!  Shut Your Mouth Free Download For PC is a professional wrestling video game marketed on PlayStation 2 console by THQ and developed by Yuke's.  This video game part of the WWE Smackdown series!  vs.  Raw is preceded by WWF SmackDown!  Just Bring It and is replaced by WWE SmackDown!  Here Comes the Pain.

WWE SmackDown Shut Your Mouth Game system:

This is the first game in the series to include comments from Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler for RAW.  This is the first game in the series to have the Brand Extension with WWE SmackDown by Vince McMahon and Raw by Ric Flair.  The player "works" only for the show that drafted it.  If the chosen superstar was created then the player begins Sunday Night Heat.  The season mode features a lot of angle with the nWo of Hulk Hogan Kevin Nash and X-Pac replacing Scott Hall.  The championships can only be defended in season mode such as Undisputed Intercontinental European Tag Team Cruiserweight Intercontinental and Hardcore.  The arena of Smackdown!  is that of Madison Square Garden although Jim Ross announces a different city at the beginning of each event the exterior remains the same.  The game exhibits many arenas that were exhibited during the 2001 and 2002 shows. There is also an arena based on each WWE show.
The models of wrestlers have been greatly improved and now exhibit realistic faces.  Animated entries are also displayed with their respective input video shown on the TitanTron.

WWE SmackDown Shut Your Mouth Characters:

WWE SmackDown!  Shut Your Mouth is the first video game to show the wrestlers of both branches Raw and SmackDown !.  In this game all wrestlers including champions are drafted in both branches except for the WWE Undisputed Champion.  Scott Hall originally appears as a member of the nWo.  However as a result of late commercialization this one was removed from the game as for Shawn Michaels appearing as a playable character in Exibition mode and can also be used as a special referee as an NPC in Season Mode.  Vince McMahon Ric Flair and Stephanie McMahon are non-playable but may be involved in a few types of games.  This game marks the first appearance of Randy Orton as a playable character.  Jeff Hardy appears for the very last time in this game until the next World Wrestling Entertainment video game WWE SmackDown Vs.  Raw 2008 released five years later in November 2007.
WWE SmackDown Shut Your Mouth PC Game

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