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WWE SmackDown VS Raw 2009 Free Download PC Game Full Version

WWE SmackDown VS Raw 2009 Free Download PC Game Full Version

Review: Free Download WWE SmackDown VS Raw 2009 Free Download PC Game Full Version Direct Link 100% Working Game. WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2009 Free Download For PC All Windows OS XP/7/8/9/ 10 32+64 bit systems this game is (abbreviated - WWE SvR 2009) is a video game developed by Yuke's publisher - THQ.  The game was released for PlayStation 2 PlayStation 3 PlayStation Portable Wii Nintendo DS Xbox 360 and also for mobile systems.  This is the tenth video game from the WWE series which is a continuation of WWE Smackdown vs.  Raw 2008 and continued with the game WWE SmackDown vs.  Raw 2010. 4 5  TOSE developed a game for the Nintendo DS platform. 5  The game went on sale November 9 2008 in the US on November 7 of the same year - in Europe.

WWE SmackDown VS Raw 2009 Overview:

The basis of the game is the Federation of Professional Wrestling - World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).  Even the name of the game contains the names of two brands of the promotion - SmackDown and Raw. 4 6  In the game for the first time in the series there was a new type of match - Inferno the system of team matches was revised as well as four new modes Create a Finisher Road to WrestleMania Career and Season mode in  multiplayer.

One of the main features of the game were changed team matches. 6  Added new types of transmission "tag" (change of wrestlers in the ring) - for example "hot tag" - if the wrestler in the ring is badly damaged he can pass a special tag to the partner behind the ropes which will help him to enter the battle more efficiently.  Also added a "blind tag" - the partner behind the ropes can now touch the partner in the ring thereby making the transfer tag.  The use of the partner greatly facilitated the battle because he could capture the enemy from the ropes and could lower the upper rope so that the enemy flew off the ring. 7  The "momentum" band was now divided into two and the team had the final tricks "for two." 4
Illustration of a reworked teamwork.
SmackDown vs.  Raw 2009 was the first game in which appeared the match Inferno in which the main goal was to throw the opponent through the top rope.  Complicating the condition was that the ring was surrounded by fire.  It is necessary to bring the temperature at the ropes to 500 ° F (or to 300 ° C in the European version) after which try to throw the enemy through them. 8  In versions for Nintendo DS and Wii this match was unavailable.

Some types of matches have been returned from the past games of the series.  For example fighting returned to the locker room or behind the scenes - no rules one condition - to send an opponent in a knockout.  In the last game of this type was presented by fights in the parking lot. 9 10  The gauntlet match was also returned in this game - one wrestler had to fight with several others appearing after the exclusion from the previous combat. 11  But unlike previous games WWE SmackDown!  vs.  Raw modes of the General Manager "Create Title" and "Create PPV" were not added to SmackDown!  vs.  Raw 2009.
WWE SmackDown VS Raw 2009 PC Game

WWE SmackDown VS Raw 2009 Free Download PC Game Full Version

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