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WWE SmackDown VS Raw 2010 Free Download PC Game Full Version

WWE SmackDown VS Raw 2010 Free Download PC Game Full Version

Review: Free Download WWE SmackDown VS Raw 2010 PC Game Full Version Direct Link. WWE SmackDown VS Raw 2010 Free Download For PC All Windows OS XP/7/8/9/10 32+64 bit it is a video game developed by Yuke's publisher - THQ.  

WWE SmackDown VS Raw 2010  Overview:

The game was released for PlayStation 2 PlayStation 3 PlayStation Portable Wii Nintendo DS Xbox 360 and also for mobile systems.  This is the eleventh video game from the WWE series which is a continuation of WWE Smackdown vs.  Raw 2009 and continued with the game WWE SmackDown vs.  Raw 2011. The game went on sale October 20 2009 in the US on October 23 of the same year - in Europe. 6 7 8 9  Like previous parts that have similar names the game is a wrestling simulator.

The basis of the game is the federation of professional wrestling - World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).  Even the name of the game contains the names of two brands of promotion - SmackDown and Raw.  In the game there is also a third now defunct brand - ECW.  WWE SmackDown vs.  RAW 2010 is based on the simulation of matches between WWE roster wrestlers and characters created in the Create a Superstar mode.  By the way this mode was greatly changed in comparison with the previous game of the series - for the consoles PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 was added "Paint Tool" - a mode in which you can create your own logo and later apply to the created wrestler.  There was a mode of creation of own histories where players could create a scene with participation of any wrestlers.

This game was the first to appear in the iPhone App.  The release date for the iPhone was December 23 2009.  But already in June 2010 the game was removed from the App Store.

In WWE SmackDown vs.  Raw 2010 presented new opportunities and changes in matches.  In the game the THQ Training Hall was added in which the player could practice using the techniques and other actions in the ring.  The player could choose for this mode a fighter himself and an enemy fighter.  During the training the player could be shown more than one hundred clues about the mechanics of the fights.
WWE SmackDown VS Raw 2010 PC Game

WWE SmackDown VS Raw 2010 Free Download PC Game Full Version

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