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WWE Smackdown VS Raw PC Game Free Download Full Version (LATEST)

WWE Smackdown VS Raw PC Game Free Download Full Version (LATEST)

Review: Free Download WWE Smackdown VS Raw PC Game Full Version Direct Link 100% Work. WWE SmackDown!  vs Raw 2005 (often shortened to WWE SvR or WWE SvR 2005 in Japan known as Exciting Pro Wrestling 6 SmackDown! vs. Raw) is a video game based on the WWE show developed by Yuke's and released by THQ and Yuke's for the PlayStation 2 console.  is part of the WWE SmackDown series!  vs Raw (later simply WWE) and is the first game of the series.  WWE SmackDown!  vs Raw 2005 is based on the activities of the pro-wrestling federation World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).  The game is a sequel to WWE SmackDown!  2003. In 2005 there was a sequel - WWE SmackDown!  vs Raw 2006.

WWE Smackdown VS Raw PC Game Gameplay:

The game is much like its predecessor but new key features have been added.  The most favored were the improved graphics of the game the addition of voice-overs in the duel mode (in the previous games the characters did not say much) and the increase of polygons for fights.

There were several new features related to the gameplay itself for example mini-games before matches and during matches. The game features several arenas used by WWE in 2003-2005 and the Pay-Per-View event of 2003-2004.

There was a system of bad / good or neutral wrestlers The player can choose what his wrestler will be - good bad or neutral;  during matches (in connection with this innovation) the player will have a chance to fill in the face / heal scale 2 and apply a special technique.

WWE Smackdown VS Raw PC Game Features:

WWE SmackDown vs.  Raw 2005 is the first game in the roster which was not Steve Austin.  Instead he was replaced by wrestlers René Dupree and Mark Gindrac.  In the game remained wrestlers legends from past games but added Brutus "The Barber" Beefkake and André Gigant.  Maynkynd returned to the game as a wrestler legend along with Rock.

The game has Season Mode a free-career mode where wrestlers perform on two different WWE brands - Raw and SmackDown !.  In mode you can fight for the chance to attract one of the Divas to become your manager (Molly Holly Sable Stacey Keibler Torrey Wilson Trish Stratus and Victoria).  Throughout the season for successfully played matches the player receives money that can be used to purchase clothes accessories hidden content or legends.  The wrestlers in this mode can also fight for the titles of the brands WWE champion in heavyweight champion and WWE intercontinental champion at Raw brand WWE champion title and WWE champion of the United States of America on the SmackDown! Brand.
WWE Smackdown VS Raw PC Game

WWE Smackdown VS Raw PC Game Free Download Full Version (LATEST)

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