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Battle Brothers PC Game

Battle Brothers PC Game

Review: Battle Brothers is a tactical role-playing game with an open world developed and released by German studio Overhype Studios for Microsoft Windows in 2017.  In Battle Brothers the player controls a small squad of mercenaries in a procedurally generated world reminiscent of medieval Germany.  Fights occur in a step-by-step mode on separate maps divided into a hexagonal grid;  Outside of battles the player must move the unit across the map searching for new tasks taking care of the health and arming of mercenaries.  Although the game contains elements of fantasy - so among the enemies there are orcs zombies and characters of German folklore such as nachzerery - player-controlled mercenaries are ordinary people armed with cold weapons.

Battle Brothers PC Game process:

A world map with various settlements robber camps and ruins is randomly generated each time a new game begins.  At the beginning of the game the player can also choose a global disaster that must occur at a late stage the war of noble houses the invasion of the undead or the invading hordes of orcs and goblins.  The world of the game lives its own life - it moves other bands of mercenaries bandit gangs trade caravans and similar groups.  In settlements a player can hire new soldiers for his unit.  Each fighter receives during the battles an experience that a player can spend on improving characteristics and gaining new skills.  Mercenaries can easily and irreversibly die in battle so every battle is risky.

Battle Brothers PC Game Criticism:

PC Gamer reviewer Ian Berbaum praised the game especially appreciating the freedom and balance of the Battle Brothers provided to the player;  he compared the game-induced sensations with Mount & Blade or the television series "Firefly" and likened it to "a well-balanced board game."  Disadvantages of the game he found the practical lack of any training that would help beginners to understand the game as well as uncomfortable menus to manage the equipment of the detachment 2.

Snor a critic with Riot Pixels also compared the game to Mount & Blade which in his opinion Battle Brothers resembles "the general concept of a plotless" sandbox "where the story is written by the player himself."  He praised the management system noting that everything that could bother the player was automatized in the game and called the battles "magnificent" noting in particular the tactical possibilities such as the importance of the correct construction of the shield wall type the impact of the relief and time of day but criticizing the monotony of tasks and  the scarcity of text inserts animating the game world.
Battle Brothers PC Game

Battle Brothers PC Game

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