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Review: Free Download DIABLO 2 Full Version PC Game Direct Link 100% Work. DIABLO 2 PC Game Free Download Diablo 2 is a game in the genre hack and slash a popular computer game the continuation of the cult game Diablo.  It was released by Blizzard Entertainment for Windows and Mac OS in 2000.  The developer is the company Blizzard North. Supplement Diablo II Lord of Destruction for the game was released in 2001.


The player at the beginning of the game is given a choice of several classes of characters each of which is distinguished by its set of skills initial characteristics (the usual RPG games for Strength Dexterity Health and Energy) and available weapons and armor.  The main objective of the game is to destroy the main monster-Diablo after which the character gets access to a higher level of complexity.

The gameplay is a classic Hack'n'Slash:

     Crowds of monsters which the player kills in incredible amounts getting for it
         Experience (to get the next level);
         Money (for the purchase of mercenaries equipment elixirs and other necessary things);
         Things (from weapons and armor to elixirs and magical runes).
     Bosses which must be killed for the storyline.
     Sale of weapons armor and other things "knocked out" of enemies or found in barrels caches tombs it.  P.
     Getting experience which entails getting a new level which in turn gives the opportunity to learn new or improve the old skill (skill) and raise the characteristics.
     Passage of the story line.  The plot is given by
         Conversations with NPCs
         Videos at the beginning of the game at the end of it in transitions between acts.

In the original Diablo II there are five classes of characters to choose from Amazon Necromancer Barbarian Sorceress and Paladin.  In order to get to Diablo you must consistently pass 4 Acts.  Each Act begins in the corresponding city where the main character from the NPC receives information about the tasks the execution of which leads to the passage of the Act.  Cities of Acts Zhulikov Camp Lut Goleyn Doki Kurast Demon Fortress.


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