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Dishonored 2 PC Game

Dishonored 2 PC Game

Review: Free Download Dishonored 2 PC Game Full Version Highly Compressed Rip Version Direct Link 100% Working Game. Dishonored 2 Free Download PC Game Dishonored 2 (Russian Obscored 2 from English dishonour dɪsɒnə - "dishonor") - a computer game in the genre of stealth action from the first person with elements of RPG developed by Arkane Studios.  Announcement of the game was held June 14 2015 at the exhibition "E3 2015".  The game was released on November 11 2016 on the platforms of Microsoft Windows PlayStation 4 Xbox One.

Dishonored 2 PC Game Overview:

Since the time of the rat plague which almost destroyed Danwall during the events of the first part of the game 15 years have passed.  The island empire is torn by disagreements many aristocrats do not agree with the policy of the young Empress Emily Caldwin considering her inexperienced in the affairs of the state.  Discontent is added by the mysterious "Royal Assassin" - a criminal who kills those who criticize the Empress although Emily herself confesses that she has nothing to do with him.

Empress Emily Caldwin along with her father Corvo Attano (the protagonist of the first part of the game) are hosting a reception in honor of the anniversary of the death of Jessamine Caldwin Emily's mother.  Among the guests arrives Duke of Karnak Luke Abel along with Delilah Copperspoon (the antagonist of the additions to the first part of the game Knife of Dunwall and Brigmore Witches) which declares itself to be the missing sister of Empress Jessamine and claims the throne.  The city guard under the command of Mortimer Ramsey betrays Emily and attacks her.  Corvo strikes Delilah with lightning speed but she survives after a seemingly fatal blow by the blade then deprives him of supernatural powers.  Then the player is given a choice to play for Emily Caldwin or Corvo Attano.  Depending on the choice another hero Dalilah draws a statue.  From Guards Officer Corvo / Emily finds out that he / she is waiting for a ship in the port of Danwall where he can escape from the captured capital.

More From Dishonored 2 PC Game:

The protagonist successfully gets to the ship "The Fallen House" where he meets captain Megan Foster.  She says she is a friend of Anton Sokolov a genius inventor known for the first part of the game.  Realizing that now he can not do anything in the capital the protagonist goes with Megan to Karnak.

At night after sailing Emily / Corvo drags a stranger into the Abyss.  If the protagonist agrees the Alien will give him supernatural powers (in the case of Corvo - will return the ones taken away by Delilah) and the Heart an artifact in which the soul of Empress Jessamine is imprisoned.

Arriving in Carnac Emily / Corvo in conversation with Megan learns that Sokolov learned about the upcoming coup but before sailing to the capital he was kidnapped by the Royal Assassin.  The captain managed to trace him to the Addermir Institute a large hospital on the island in the bay of Karnak.  Having reached the Institute the protagonist finds the Royal Assassin and removes it in one way or another.  There he finds information about the location of Sokolov.

From the records of the Royal Assassin or from his words the protagonist learns that Sokolov is in the Mechanical Mansion - the estate of the inventor Kirin Jindosh.  Having got there the protagonist is in a cunning labyrinth of moving and changing rooms.  Having overcome the puzzle Corvo / Emily eliminates Jindosh and rescues Sokolov from imprisonment.
Dishonored 2 PC Game

Dishonored 2 PC Game

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