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Fallout 4 Automatron PC Game

Fallout 4 Automatron PC Game

Review: Free Download Fallout 4 Automatron PC Game Full Version Direct Link 100% Work. Fallout 4 Automatron PC Game Free Download is a computer game from Bethesda Softworks produced by Bethesda Game Studios the sequel to Fallout 3. The game is the fifth part of the series and was released on November 10 2015 on Windows PlayStation 4 and Xbox One 6 7.  The localizer in Russia and the CIS is SoftKlab.

Fallout 4 Automatron PC Game Plot:

Fallout 4 begins with an introductory video in which the main character talks about his great-great-grandfather who fought in the American army during the Second World War.  By dropping the nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki after the war ended the US government began using nuclear energy not only as a weapon but also as a new source of energy.  Home robots futuristic cars - all this became possible in the world of Fallout.  However then throughout the world including the US the war for resources began a sharp depletion of the population.  The game begins in 2077 when the world is on the verge of a big war and the main character is convinced by his example - "War.  The war never changes. "

The protagonist wakes up on the morning of October 23 2077 with her husband / wife (depending on the gender chosen by the player) washed walks through the house plays with her little child when suddenly a representative of the Volt-Tech corporation knocking on the door asserts that it's time for a peaceful life  comes to an end therefore in the event of a nuclear war it is necessary to reserve a place in the shelter of Volt-Tech the closest of which is Vault 111.  After a while television reports on the nuclear bombings of New York and Pennsylvania.  The family of the protagonist gets to "Vault 111" and is exposed to cryosnar.

After a while the protagonist and his spouse are awakened and attacked by two unknowns who select the baby Sean;  in an attempt to protect the child the spouse of the protagonist dies and the player re-enters the cryosone.  A second awakening occurs 60 years after the disaster.  The player discovers that he is the only survivor in Vault 111 and is selected to the surface where from the old world he knew there was practically nothing left and the paradise that was his home turned into a new hostile world called  Commonwealth. The main part of the game takes place in 2287 10 years after the events of Fallout 3 and 6 years after Fallout New Vegas.

Fallout 4 Automatron PC Game Gameplay:

The gameplay was first shown by the developers on June 15 2015 at E3. The game begins shortly before the nuclear war when a protagonist (man or woman) is selected in one of the domestic scenes in a peaceful scene the appearance of the character is adjusted 9.  But peacetime is interrupted by a radio and TV message about the threat of explosions 9 after which the protagonists go to the shelter at number 111 of the company Vault-Tec (English Vault-Tec) similar to the shelters built by this corporation across America.
Fallout 4 Automatron PC Game

Fallout 4 Automatron PC Game

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