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Review: Free Download FINAL FANTASY VII PC Game Full Version Direct Link. Final Fantasy VII Free Download is a Japanese role-playing game developed by Square Co Ltd.  (now Square Enix) and released by Sony Computer Entertainment for the Sony PlayStation gaming console in 1997 as the seventh numbered part of the Final Fantasy series.  The game was also ported to the Windows operating system.  The port on Windows was released on June 24 1998 in the US and on June 25 1998 in Europe 1.  In 2009 Final Fantasy VII was also reissued for the PlayStation Network in 2012 the port of the game for Windows became available for paid download from the digital distribution store and in 2013 the game was released on Steam.


The game was developed from 1994 first for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System 8 then for the Nintendo 64 9 but due to technical limitations of the cartridge from Nintendo 64 Square decided to release a game for Sony PlayStation.  The game was developed by the game designer Yoshinori Kitase the music for the game was written by composer Nobuo Uematsu.  For the first time in the series Tetsuya Nomura acted as a character designer replacing the artist Yoshitaku Amano.

The game takes place in an anti-utopian fictional world performed in the entourage of science fiction with elements of fantasy.  The plot of the game tells how the group of ecoterrorists "LAVINA" which includes the main character Cloud Strife fights against the mega-corporation "Shin-Ra" whose activities lead to the depletion of the source of planetary energy.  In the future heroes face greater danger to the planet and themselves - the main villain of the game Sephiroth.


Final Fantasy VII received good reviews from the gaming press and was extremely successful.  By May 2010 more than 10 million copies were sold worldwide 10 which makes the game the most sold in the series 10.  Critics praised the game for graphics gameplay music and the plot.  Bad reviews were awarded the translation of the game into English.  Some journalists believe that this game has popularized Japanese role-playing games outside of Japan 11 12 13 14;  she repeatedly appeared on the top lines in the lists of the best games of all time 15 16 17.  Since Final Fantasy VII was very popular Square Enix decided to create a whole series known as "Final Fantasy VII Compilation" and consisting of the sequels and branches of Final Fantasy VII 18.  Since 2005 there have been rumors that Square Enix plans to release a remake of Final Fantasy VII for the PlayStation 3 gaming console although the creators of the game themselves claim that a remake is not being developed 19.  Despite this in March 2010 Square Enix president Yoichi Wada announced that the company is considering the possibility of creating a remake 20.  The remake was announced on June 15 2015.

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