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Gears of War 4 Game 100% Work

Gears of War 4 Game 100% Work

Review: Gears of War 4 Free Download Full Version Direct Link. Download Gears of War 4 Game 100% Work continued in the series of games Gears of War for the platforms Xbox One and Windows 10 released October 11 2016.  The game was created by the forces of the newly-made studio The Coalition and the publisher Microsoft Studios.

The game takes place 25 years after the events of Gears of War 3 and the main character was the son of Marcus Phoenix - JD
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Gears of War 4 Game Plot:

For 25 years it took the planet Sera to be reborn after a devastating war with the Horde of the Locust and the Lambentians.  The Coalition of the United States under the leadership of the First Minister of the Jinn has revived human civilization and directs all efforts for peace and prosperity on the planet but much of Sara continues to lie in ruins and the growing influence of the Coalition is opposed by Outsiders scattered tribes of Exiles who believe that "The New Coalition  "Nothing more than a" new train on old rails "in which wartime laws continue to operate and any movement outside of protected city walls is prohibited.

In honor of the Victory Day over the Locust the Minister arranges a loud parade in the New Air inviting at the same time veterans of the war including Victor Hoffman who listening to speeches Jinn recalls the past the battle in the fields of Asfo where he and Dominique Santiago were taken from the Center for Military Developments  Union of Independent Republics drawings of the "Hammer of Dawn" which was a turning point in the Pendulum War;  The day of the Invasion when he met Corporal (after Lieutenant) Ming Young Kim defending him and Anya Straud from the Locust in the House of Sovereigns;  and the defense of the Anvil Gate where he Berni Mataki and the other infantrymen met the end of the war when the Counter-Emulsion Weapon of Adam Phoenix overcame the Saronic Horde.  At the end of his speech Minister Djinn regrets that among them there is no protagonist of all these warriors - sergeant Marcus Phoenix.

Meanwhile while the entire coalition celebrates the anniversary of the victory a group of Outsiders in the person of James Dominique JD Phoenix his friend Delmont Walker and Kate Diaz and her uncle Oscar are located near one of the COG settlements (in this case Settlement 5)  which is built and protected by autonomous robots DiBi.  Earlier JD and Del were "Gears" but after the events in Settlement 2 they became deserters and joined the Outsiders.

Outsiders do not have enough resources and to maintain the viability of their villages they need a Fabricator - a large box with complex reproductive technology that can be used from clips to machine guns.  Penetration is complicated by the enacted Energy storm a new natural phenomenon on the Sea presumably that arose after the evaporation of the Imulsion from the planet's soil.  In the city itself JD's group finds itself in a division of DiBi who begins to attack the Outsiders only after Oscar first shot.

Having taken away from the City Center a fabricator they again come across robots only now one of them was a holographic transmitter through which the Jinn herself turns with Outsiders.  The First Minister accuses "former" Lieutenant COH Phoenix of kidnapping her people which introduces JD into confusion but very soon DiBi who was supposed to arrest deserters is knocking down a monorail trolley.  On the monitor of the trolley was written "Climb!" But unfortunately on it they could not go far they were knocked down by a capsule with a combat drone which was turned from the Condor (military COG plane).  And after a long battle with drones the heroes manage to leave with the fabricator.  But the problems do not end there.  The way they came back to the village of the rogue tracked down by the Jeanne and gave them the last chance to surrender to which the head of the rogue replied that it was not Settlement-2 and was destroying the holographic transmitter of the drone.  And it turns out that drones are now using deadly weapons.  After a long battle the Genie retreated.
Gears of War 4 PC Game

Gears of War 4 Game 100% Work

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