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Review: Free Download Mad Max Full Version PC Direct Link 100% Work, MAD MAX PC Game 2015 Free Download Highly Compressed Rip Version Full Direct Link setup file it is a cross-platform game in the genre of third-person post-apocalyptic with elements of the open world and survival races released on September 1 2015 on the PlayStation 4 Xbox One and PC.  Initially the game was announced for both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 but on March 2 2015 developers officially announced the closure of the development of the project for these two platforms (the reason is the end of support for the PS3 and Xbox 360 in the summer of 2015).  October 6 developers announced the release of the game on the Mac and Linux the game was available on these platforms on October 20. 2  The game was developed by the Swedish studio Avalanche Studios and published by Warner Bros. Holding.  Interactive Entertainment 3.  The project is based on a series of films "Mad Max" about Max Rokatansky who is forced to survive in the post-apocalyptic desert world of Australia full of chaos and violence.  The official announcement of the game took place during the press conference of Sony at the international gaming exhibition E3 on June 10 2013.

MAD MAX PC Game 2015 Plot:

Max Rokatansky a lonely warrior and a hero unwillingly keeps his way to some "Silent Plain" to find comfort and leave madness behind. 6  On the way he is overtaken by bandits led by Lord Chlam Ostrus - a man who keeps in fear all the territory around Gaztown as well as the son of Nesmertny Joe.  In the process of chasing Max ends gasoline because of what he falls into a trap he loses his car - "Interceptor" or "Black on Black" and almost leaves his life.  Having managed to get on the tractor Odrusa to which "Black on Black" is attached he enters into battle with Chlomom and in the process Max manages to plunge the chainsaw into his head however he falls from the tractor and finally loses his car.

After recovering from the fall Max goes to look for water and meets the Tinsmith - the insane mechanic who is obsessed with the fictitious automobile religion and the idea of ​​building a "Masterpiece" - an ideal car.  Tinsmith sees in Max the holy archangel who is destined to become the driver of the "Masterpiece".  Intending to continue her journey to the "Silent Plains" Max joins the mechanic and they set themselves a clear goal to get an eight-cylinder V8 engine.

After some time the Tinsmith's refuge is found by Pomoyka a psychopath and servant of Lord Ostrus who owns his own gang and destroys it.  Forced to seek new shelter the heroes turn to Jitu the owner of the nearby territory.  He concludes a mutually beneficial deal with them - he provides them with a permanent shelter and Max punches "The Mouth" - the huge gate that is the only way to Gaztown where you can get a V8.

Having broken the "Mouth" Max finds himself in the Brukhorez - the head of the group that lives in the remains of the tanker and believes in the speedy arrival of water.  Bruchorez also gives them shelter in exchange for a couple of services.

Moving ever closer to Gaztown Max encounters the Pomoyki fighters besieging the old cooling tower where the people led by Krasnoslazka - the leader of another group of survivors - took refuge.  Max helps to repel the Pomoyki attack and.

The tinsmith learns that the Death Race will soon take place in Gaztown the main prize in which among other things will be a car with the "Leader" - thereby V8 which Max needs.  The hero goes to Gaztown to Krikun - the manager of the race and achieves his participation in the race.

At the races it turns out that in addition to the "Leader" one of the prizes is Hope - the woman Pomoyka took away and the champion of the tournament is himself.  Having won a road bout with a psychopath Max becomes the new champion of the tournament and is honored to be congratulated by Chlom Ostrus himself who somehow incredibly survived with a splinter of the chainsaw in his head. Ostras is furious when he sees Max still alive  and enters into battle with him.  In the process of the fight Max is almost killed but Nadezhda saves him.


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