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Need for Speed Payback 100% Working Game

Need for Speed Payback 100% Working Game

Review: Free Download Need for Speed Payback Full Version 100% Working Game Direct Link. Need for Speed Payback Free Download For All Windows OS XP/7/8/9/10 32+64 bit. it is a video game of the Need for Speed ​​series in the arcade auto-simulator genre developed by the Ghost Games studio. 

The game was released on November 10 2017 by Electronic Arts for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles as well as for personal computers running Windows 3.  The official distributor on the territory of Russia was the company "SoftKlab" 1.

Need for Speed Payback Gameplay:

Gameplay Need for Speed Payback is focused on street racing criminal missions and police chases.  The player is given freedom of movement in the fictional city of Fortune Valley.  Winning races the player opens new cars tuning details and moves on in his career.  Network game contains a system Speedlist which includes various competitions with which players increase their rating.  The plot is built around a team consisting of Taya Mac and Jess and their quest for retribution to the cartel House which controls gambling establishments criminals and police throughout Fortune Valley.

Developers during the creation of a new part of the series decided to work on the errors eliminating the shortcomings that were present in Need for Speed ​​2015.  Unlike its predecessor Need for Speed Payback focuses more on persecution and plot and also has a more elaborate open world.  However the game received conflicting reviews from the gaming press praising a large open world and many missions but criticized the monotony of the gameplay and the plot as well as the significant impact of in-game purchases on the passage.

Need for Speed Payback PC Game 2018 Game Process:

Race for the Ford Mustang.  Unlike its predecessor Need for Speed Payback puts more emphasis on open world research and police persecution

Need for Speed Payback is an arcade autosimulator executed in three-dimensional graphics and focused on street racing.  The action takes place in the city of Fortune Valley which provides freedom of movement and there is a change of time of day.  The game has a system of trophies and achievements.

Rolling around the city you can find icons of competitions of different types such as ring drag criminal tasks and others.  In races you can win cash and new cars.  In the game there are ten street leagues in each of which are given their own race tasks and participants.  After passing all the races and tasks in each league a contest with the boss who is the leader of the league opens.  During some races tasks or when you fall for baits in the form of spare parts for cars and other things in the city the player is chased by the police.  The more violations and the longer the police leave the higher the level of chase and as a result the faster and more powerful cars will be used by police including the "rhinos" who mislead the intruder's car and the helicopter tracking the progress  chase.  In the city there are also traps for foxes - rushing past such a player must pass control points to establish the highest average speed.  In addition throughout the city are located radar past which you need to drive at the highest possible speed.

In the multiplayer game as in the previous parts of the series the Speedlist is presented which has undergone some changes.  It is a list of players each of which can participate in races and vote which match will be next.  Before the start of the race the player must choose one racing car and one SUV while the level of performance of the machines of rivals will be similar.  For the rating race it is also necessary to improve the level of skills with the help of victories in races but with frequent defeats the rating is reduced.  For the victory and to a lesser extent for the mere participation in races the player is rewarded with in-game currency and spare parts.  In the rating race you can earn an additional reputation if the car is weaker than those of the rivals.  In addition the game has an Autolog system that allows you to compare your results with other players on the network.

Need for Speed Payback 100% Working Game

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