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Plague Inc PC Game

Plague Inc PC Game

Review: Free Download Plague Inc PC Game Full Version Direct Link 100% Work. Plague Inc Free Download is a multi platform computer strategy in the genre of biological simulator developed and published by the British company Ndemic Creations in 2012.

Plague Inc PC Game Overview:

The game is available for Android iOS Linux macOS Microsoft Windows Windows Phone Xbox One 5 and PlayStation 4. It is a disease simulator based on a fairly complex and realistic model of the spread of the epidemic.  The player's task is to destroy life on Earth.  The number of downloads reached more than 75 million times was nominated for the "best strategic game of 2012" by IGN.  In 2012 she was 15 in the list of the most downloaded games for the iPhone in the US.  On February 20 2014 within the framework of Steam Early Access a PC version of the game called Plague Inc Evolved was released.  February 18 2016 was a full-fledged release of the PC version of the game.
Game process

Plague Inc.  Is a strategic simulator in which the player controls the disease that infected the "Zero Patient".  The player must infect and kill all people developing the disease and adapting to different conditions.

The player infects a "zero patient" in the selected country.  As time passes people within countries become infected the disease passes over land borders is carried by animals birds insects through blood or infected move on airplanes or ships.  There are also random and managed types of infection.  The first can be attributed to infections not from humans and accidents in laboratories.  Managed species include the activation of fungal spores the movement of zombies vampires Trojan planes or groups of smart monkeys.  For the infection and death of people the player receives DNA points for which he can develop transmission routes symptoms or skills.  Also a mutation can occur in the disease then it gets a symptom without wasting DNA points.  It is also possible spontaneous development of combo abilities if you have certain symptoms.  For example the combination of vomiting and coughing can mutate in a combo of "gushing vomiting" which greatly increases infectiousness.  The disease has 3 characteristics - infectiousness severity and lethality.  The first influences the chance of infection the second on the complexity of creating a medicine and the third on the chance of death of the infected.
Plague Inc PC Game

Plague Inc PC Game

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