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Serious Sam 3 BFE Game

Serious Sam 3 BFE Game

Review: Free Download Serious Sam 3 BFE Game Full Version Direct Link 100% Work. Serious Sam BFE Free Download is a prequel to Serious Sam The First Encounter which tells of Mental's attack on Earth and the search for the "Key of Eternity".

Serious Sam 3 BFE Game Development:

The first information about Serious Sam 3 appeared along with the first information about the Serious Engine 3 in May 2007 and the release was scheduled for 2009.

In May 2009 the official website of Croteam appeared a message from the executive director Roman Ribaritsa in which he said that the development has just begun and the game has no publisher.

More From Serious Sam 3 BFE Game:

On June 22 2009 in the Twitter of the British publisher Majesco Entertainment a message appeared "This week there will be very SERIOUS news SO SERIOUS that your Xbox 360 will ignite."  Many perceived this as a hint of the announcement of Serious Sam 3 for the Xbox but it turned out that they hinted at Serious Sam HD The First Encounter - the remake of the first part on the engine of the Serious Engine 3.

In February 2011 information appears that the game will be released in the summer of 2011 and will be a prequel to the first part.  Many people start to believe that BFE stands for "Before First Encounter".

In July 2011 it became known that the publication and localization of the game in the territory of Russia and CIS countries will be occupied by 1C-SoftKlab and Snowball Studios.

In late August the game for grinding and balancing is postponed to October 18 2011 September 30 Croteam calls the final date of the game's exits - November 23 2011. In November 1C announces that the shooter "Serious Sam 3 BFE" (in the localization of "Cool Sam 3") goes to press.
Serious Sam 3 BFE Game

Serious Sam 3 BFE Game

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