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Project IGI 1 I’m Going In PC Game

Project IGI 1 I’m Going In PC Game

Review: Free Download Project IGI 1 I’m Going In PC Game Full Version Direct Link 100% Work. Project I.G.I Free Download For All Windows OS XP/7/8/9/10 32+64 bit. I'm Going In is a computer game developed by Innerloop studios and published by Eidos Interactive for the PC platform.  In 2003 there was a continuation of I.G.I.-2 Covert Strike.

The plot of the Project IGI 1 I’m Going In PC Game:

The player controls the actions of David Jones.  Anya helps him with his instructions - an expert in the field of computer systems and nuclear physics.

At the beginning of the game Jones is thrown into the enemy's rear into the territory of Russia where he finds himself on a military facility belonging to a certain Joseph Priboi who is probably implicated in the kidnapping of a nuclear bomb.  After the explosion of air defense systems Jones enters the airfield where Joseph is supposedly in captivity.  However he managed to evacuate and Jones has to flee hijacking a fighter.

Thanks to the information received by Jones locate Joseph Priboy.  Jones participates in the operation to release him supporting friendly troops with sniper fire.  Joseph tells that he was captured by his uncle Yakov Priboy a dealer in arms also involved in the kidnapping of the bomb.  Jones enters the radar base and injects the computer virus into the system.  Due to this he receives information about the location of Surf.

Jones along with friendly troops captures Surf and removes it by helicopter however when flying over the border they are knocked down by fighters at the direction of Eck a former KGB officer.  She takes away the Surf from the place where the helicopter crashes and Jones manages to escape.  Jones is selected from the enemy territory and again captures Surf who is escorted by train.  On the train an air strike is being made but Jones and Priboi have time to escape and they are evacuated by friendly troops.

Surf gives information about Eck and Jones gets to her secret base but she manages to leave with the bomb.  After that it seizes the nuclear power plant where the plant for the processing of plutonium from the time of the Cold War used to be located.  Jones takes part in the operation to storm the station.  Anya joins him who should neutralize the bomb.  They penetrate into the underground complex where Jones kills Eck and Anya neutralizes the bomb.
Project IGI 1 I’m Going In Pc Game

Project IGI 1 I’m Going In PC Game

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