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Medal of Honor Airborne PC Game

Medal of Honor Airborne PC Game

Review: Free Download Medal of Honor Airborne PC Game Full Version Direct Link 100% Work. Medal of Honor: Airborne Free Download (Medal for bravery: Troopers) is a first person shooter, which recounts the events of the second world war.

The Medal of Honor Airborne PC Game Features:

The main difference from all games in the series became completely unpredictable artificial intelligence. Allies and enemies behave cryptically and even the next action is extremely difficult to predict.
Pumping system appeared "weapons, where the player gets points for using the skills of a certain type of weapon during the passage.
Well thought-out distribution system damage, e.g. when hit in the arm, a head or torso caused different damage. (Interesting fact was discovered when an erroneous triggering system. In some situations even after three direct hits to the head, the enemy did not want to give up. There have been cases where backlinks from a primitive leg hit the enemy immediately such cases die. are extremely rare.) At certain points it is unrealistic to strong opponent when he leads focus fire on the main character with huge distances.
In accordance with the specificity of alms player an opportunity to start the execution of an arbitrary place in the mission area on the landing level. On most cards landing zone is limited by the abilities of a parachute to planning: skydiver constantly falling and having no large stock height, lands within a certain area. On some cards (e.g. University) reset allows the player to feel the "wall in the sky": when I try to plan beyond the card chute begins to dramatically demolish in the opposite direction. Yes, and in the training mission about jumping with a parachute is virtually silent. Player for the first time when it lands will see marked "Bad" because it is not quite clear what to do for a successful landing (actually quite directly before landing hold the SPACEBAR or, if there is enough space, hold down the "forward ("W"), and the player immediately after landing receives arms without removing the parachute from the back). However, dropping the Player opens vast expanses to action: landing on the roof and shoot enemy snipers and machine gunners, or pljuhnutsja in the thick of the Germans and methodically put all shotgun - choose a player. Also the player the choice of primary weapons before each mission. During the game you can pick up weapons of slain NPCs. However, collect an arsenal will fail: you can wear a pistol, 2 units long-barrelled weapons and grenades.
Restore health
Developers have abandoned the usual percentage or scale, showing how many wounds still able to move the character. However, the changes are not as radical as in Call of Duty 2, where having a character becomes as good as new. Here health scale is divided into 4 parts, with each injury scale decreases. After a while, once the player escapes enemy fire, the scale begins to recover, but only within the extent that stopped like system in The game The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay.
Medal of Honor Airborne PC Game

Medal of Honor Airborne PC Game

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